Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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Kubi needs 1L of orange juice a day.

My this year birthday wish gonna be ~ Unlimited 365 packets of 1L orange juice, not at one time, but on daily basis haha!

Can I order fresh orange juice every morning instead of milk?

I need orange juice more than H2O, I need orange juice more than coffee,tea or milk, I need orange juice more than soup, I need orange juice more than coca cola.

Contact me if you have orange juice delivery every morning to door-step =p I'll be your next customer.



P.S : My whole body aching (now still) after RMSU Interbatch 2009, no one to blame but myself. When was my last time having sport? 5 months? 7 months? 12 months? I cannot remember anymore, it was long long time ago. I took part in Handball and Futzal. Both games are RUGBY-LIKE GAME.

My leg hurts, my eyes hurts, my nose hurts, my ankle hurts. Yeah I know BALL IS ROUND, BALL HAS NO EYES but YOU ARE NOT ROUND, AND YOU HAVE EYES + BRAIN. Just don't throw the fecking ball right towards face or use your fecking hand to stratch mine and pull my hands + fingers just to prevent me to run. GOSH. Don't play play, medical students can be really rude haha! And many have gorilla-body. Oppss . . . True mar. Did I mention I fainted for a few second after the ball hit my head ?!?! Not to mention about my so-called "hero" la who came to carry me out from the court, malu nya =p

But overall, I had a nice sport day mixing with my team mates. Gonna miss sport for a while until I have time to sport again!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Free Myself

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Let it be and be worry only when it is needed. I chose this.

I will try harder and harder,give less worry to my surroundings.
The matter is still remain unsolved, it is NOT OVER YET but mean time I shall be cheerful again!

I know its always easier to say but I will TRY to forget about the troubles, do not think unnecessary thingy and ~ ~ ~

Else, everyone including you see me in a real stress-state and my blog ~ Stress-Bloggy lol =p There you go the HAPPY-KUBI.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Limited-Evil Choices I Have

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My mood disappointed my blog.

In EMO state almost equivalent to STUPOR. Been thinking and figuring a lot about my plans. In a lot of matters. I am trying harder and harder - not to think.

Never can feel any extra unnecessary excitement (anymore) - because things do not always work out as how you wanted it to be, as I wanted it to be.

I need it so much now and it makes me LOST. And start to scream for help.

I wish I can be a kid again . . .
A kid will not ask for more

I wish I will never get older . . .
Old folks never get to ask more.

But this is what I needed most . . .

And this explains the meaning of this post . . .

If you are blurred now, you are normal because I am blurred (extreme) even before this entry. And I am working half way - because I am unable to complete it now.

Someone please help me. Cheering me up is not enough =p


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Emo Days

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Irritating Notes At FB eh ?

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The other day, I was trying on all the button/tabs in FB, I am trying to discover MORE about FB. And I saw this "adding a link" into FB. FB stands Facebook in case you don't know lol=p. So quickly I added my blog's web address : Hocus Pocus at the space given. I thought this might ease the readers by just clicking it in future from FB and it directs them to my blog, and also they will be updated by any new post through FB, and yeah I get more feeds as well! Haha XD

But only NOW I found out that, whenever you click at the link, it actually appears as A NOTE IN FB.
OOouwww, tell me it is irritating ! It is! It is!
I won't even bother to read other people's notes in FB, esp those with freaking bloody long post with bad formats and fonts (which only meant to be in the blogspot).

Sorry people, I'm not in purpose to irritate your eyes and PLUS I sound pathetic leh. Hahaha =p
And you know why I think I sound pathetic? Because the other day, a friend of mine was telling story about a note another friend made about her life here in Moscow, and I was thinking why the hell she would want to note about her life in FB?

NEHH, now you know the secret ! Actually she is a blogger, as simple as that. Are you ? Haha ! That is why we sounded soooooo pathetic hahahaha XD LOL

So, visit my original blog-sphere (by just clicking view original post) with better templates and colors ! LOL =p



Wednesday, March 18, 2009


1 Anti-Kubi

Goku made a decision to call PONY express to arrange a time for passports delivery yesterday, because it will be hell dangerous in case they simply pass them to the security guard or someone else IF we are not home, so he told them to come after 3pm today. And due to some language problem haha, I advised him to send an email to PONY express to be safe.

Well, they sent our passports at 16:20 ~ HURRAYYYYY and the visa expires March 2019.
I am happy la of course, and quickly I talked to my mum on the phone and she congratulated me =)

You might find me a lil bit too excited abt this visa thingy but mind you, I am really excited lor! Haha XD
Oh yeah, the people in the embassy must be too busy processing hell lots of visa for Russians, that is why they glued my visa out of the margin, like 1cm protruded from my passport, WTF !
Besides, first time seeing a visa with my FACE on it. At least not in Russia or China's visa. Normally the picture are not shown until they flash it down the laser ( or not laser but something!) but this visa MY BIG ROUND FACE is shown! Will they deny my visa if I become prettier or thinner a year before my visa expires ( 9 years later)? ? ?LOL=p
Of course NO, finger prints NEVER change! So don't crime ok!

"PAH !!!" ~ I have to start planning my 2 months-summer-holiday in state soon. And I shall save more money for shopping perhaps? Haha XD I wish I have a human ATM like "my lovely jerk" lol. More than 70% of my wish list can be easily found in states =p

And I promised myself to start a new travel-blog during this summer holiday in states (I'd been promising myself about this new blog 2 years ago =p). I just can't wait to blog you my whole-travel-experiences in hell lots of cities I have visited (Eh Eh, I am not comparing with you ok, I only feel grateful on myself =p).

Kubi thinking which part of states she should be exploring, the whole US ? ? ? NO.NO.
Come'on share me your itinerary if you have one!


I am still sick. I HATE FLU.
More and more mucous draining down my nasal tract, the harder I pressurized on the mucous, my nose and ears are worst blocked. And I wonder why my salivation became HYPER. My mouth filled with hell lots of saliva, I need to keep drinking water to swallow them. Errr . . . Not too disgusting la!

And WTF, I thought its getting warmer these few days but late afternoon today Moscow SNOWED ? ? ? AGAIN ? ? ? Almost all the European countries starting Spring and why Moscow is still the same Whitey Moscow ? ? ?

Come'on shine me shine me shine me, else buy me a new boot & winter jacket ! ! ! Grrrrr . . .


Oh, Yippeee again, tomorrow is holiday ! ! ! Bet you guys never heard of Piragov IF you are originally from Malaysia or not from Russia & stay in Malaysia or not in Russia, so don't bother! Its just another holiday ! ! !

Reminder : Exam in 2 weeks

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Have A New Wish List

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Kubi has a new Cubee Wish List on the RIGHT ! ! !




I am not so greedy la. . . half of them, kay ? ? ?



Ears are stuck & painful
Throat keel-ing kubi


They stimulate my dreaming-receptors which is GOOD =p


What happen to my face ? ? ?

I have these few small-brownish moles on my right cheek TODAY, YEAH JUST TODAY. They grew few inches one to another, what are these ? ? ? HELP ! ! !
I have original 2 moles plus additional 4 small new moles WTF ~
And a bigger one on the neck!
NOT Skin Cancer

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Have No Passport

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Walking on Moscow street without a passport ~ is nearly DEAD.

I will be walking on street, going for classes, hanging out in Moscow WITHOUT A PASSPORT for the next few days. I am worried but at times, I AM HAPPY XD.


If you are observant enough, my Cubee-Wish-List on the right finally came true !!! Today, Goku and I went to USA Embassy (we had to skip class) for our arranged-interview.

In Russia as always, people never fail to queue up for getting food, for paying goods, for shopping, for clinics, for toilets, for anything ~ And we waited for an hour queuing OUTSIDE the embassy this morning at 8:30am ~ freaking cold weather.

There are few checking points inside and outside the embassy, obviously lar, they takut terrorist mar. LOL.

Handphones, cameras and GUNS are not allowed. Its written.

First, 3 checking points on bags and body. And another 3 checking points for visa applications including finger prints (mind you, all 5 fingers! lol), a shot of your photo from the application form and etc etc.

Finally we sat down after 2 hours while waiting for our turn. For the interview.

The interview took like 2 MIN ? ? ?
They seems to be more worried being attacked by Russian than approving them a visa. Checking points took like 2 hours but interview for 2 minutes.

But I believe this has to do with our passport also, since we are not from Russia. We are Malaysians, perhaps easier?

Throughout the visa checking point, the lady wrote us a 120 months validity on our application forms and I guess that is a standard duration a Malaysian will get. But I was not told that I will be getting a 10 years visa after the interview, only said : Congratulations, your visa has been approved! As easy as that XD And oh yeah, the interviewer is nice, he is nice, I like him and I love to speak English! LOL.

If some of you are wondering, getting your US visa approved is not hard at all. They ask simple questions like :
1) Are you student and what are you studying? YES
. Medicine.
2) How many years have you stayed in Moscow? 4.5

3) When will you graduate? 2010

4) Why Russia and who pays for your tuition fees? Cheaper, Parents

5) What your parents do? Businessman

6) Who will pay for your trip? Parents

7) Where will you be travelling in US? Yet to plan

8) Do you have any friends or relatives in the states? NO

And ONE last question : ARE YOU A TERRORIST ? ? ?

This is a JOKE. I am joking LOL

OK. There you go. I have my visa approved ! ! ! I did not even show them my supporting letter/document =p

Now I have to worry about my passport.
I did not get back my passport today, because said I have to wait for the maximum 3 days, and PONY EXPRESS (a courier company owned by Russians) will be delivering it back to me at my doorstep. Good service huh, I guess to prevent congestion at the embassy plus I paid PONY EXPRESS for processing my visa application earlier.

I am worried now : I doubt I will be home 24/7. My passport will be safe ? ? ? Will they throw my passport to the security downstairs? Or simply at my doorstep, under the door?
I do not trust Russians.
Shall I call them to arrange a time, or shall I pick it up myself?
Hate to deal with the Russians!


OK. Now what, I am SICK AGAIN. I am really angry at myself now! Sick of it ! ! !
I am NOT having Rubella ok people!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Outbreak

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I am doing nothing.

I am doing nothing BUT I am not-unhappy. So, I am happy =)

Yesterday, the last day of Gynaecology posting. YAHOOOO ! ! ! Been waiting for it BADLY. And finally, the cycle is over BUT exam is nearer =p After class, my group and I went to МУМУ for lunch with the 2 birthday boys. The SAME OLD, NOT NICE, NOT TASTY RUSSIAN FOOD.

After lunch, we headed to Europeski Mall which is located just opposite the restaurant where we had our lunch, for some "window shopping". Yeah, they said we gonna window-shop. But as usual, I doubt that Goku and I will go mall without shopping. So, again I guessed it correctly, we bought something ! ! ! Haha XD

Made my happy day.

I was warning Goku not to get a new pair of futzal shoes last week, because said he want to play futzal for the Interbatch games for my university TODAY. Why am I so cruel to him ? Well, he is unable to play futzal ANYMORE(for long term) due to his slip-disc which really hurts him LIKE HELL during every onset. And also because of this, he was so disappointed last summer and sadly he brought his shoes back to Malaysia, because said, HE HATE SEEING THE SHOES since he can't play anymore. LOL.

But well, once a while we should play sports, no?

I DID NOT say a NO when he told me he wanted to join this time for the Interbatch match, because we all thought it is just gonna be a friendly game between all the 6 batches, so why not? But, impossible to get a new shoes just because of this game, right? Yeah, say YES.

Err, I SPOTTED THE SHOES FIRST and I told him I wanted to get a pair since I do not have futzal shoes, unlike him having few pairs back in Malaysia, so I BOUGHT IT! Ouww, I am not so cruel ok. Come la, you also buy one pair la.

Weeeet..... His eyes WIDEN BIG, you know BIG. A YAY for him ! Hes happier than I do. Oh yeah, we didn't manage to get any other good brand like Nike because Nike is more pricey plus no size for me. A big feet 7 for sandal but a small one for sport shoes, I need a 5. So, we bought Umbro, coincidence, we bought the same pair with really cheap prices. Though, I still prefer Nike when it comes to sport shoes, those you play for sports. But Umbro not too bad mar for futzal shoes. Like badminton shoes, I never wear Yonex because the smallest size on retail is 6 but I need a 5. I always learn to adapt things especially those belong to me, after all I am the one wearing it! Brand mustn't be the best but I try using them with my best way.


Simply I threw the new shoes with its box on the top of the wardrobe. Before that, of course I wore it in the room, and tried jumping, twisting, funky-ing it kaka =p

Shoes INSIDE WARDROBE. I am not dirty ok. The shoes are all cleaned.
Half of them ~ Obviously I love colorful things.
Another half of them ~
I am crazy IF I were to take out all the shoes out, so no pictures for them.

Sport shoes for sports, UNDER THE BED.
Sandals, slippers & dirty shoes, OUTSIDE THE ROOM, ON THE SHOE RACK.

AND AND AND ~ TA DAAA ~ My new futzal pair ! ! ! I did not notice I actually bought a pair of BLACK shoes.


Weeeeet . . . Hahaha ! The Interbatch Sport CANCELLED hahahahahaha!

LOL.To be exact,POSTPONED until future notice haha ! ! !

Due to RUBELLA OUTBREAK in the hostel ! ! ! I am not mad ok. This is no joke. 3 students get infected in this hostel and admited to the hospital 2 days ago, one was last week. And thank god I knew it now, ONLY NOW, as I just recovered from high fever last week, else I think they will treat me as one, and quarantine me even without rashes.

I am YET to vaccinate for this infection ( as far as I remember). So, shall I go get the injection Monday ? ? ?
Lazy la . . .

Kubi gets to sleep more XD

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Life, Make It Count

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The above title was taken from the concert I went last week, which was held by a group of medical students involving one of their church activity. Well, I was invited by some friends and they motivated me to go, regardless to religion but for the sake of de-depressing my life or to be more exact, to appreciate my life.


I am not happy today. Do not ask me why. I am not at liberty to story-tell about it. But this entry is related to what had happened to my surrounding, the people around me, the people I care and I love, TODAY.

How many times have we heard of people learning/ starting to appreciate their life and "living like there's no other tomorrow" after a life-threatening event? And what I felt is that, they are lucky enough to have a new chance or a second to appreciate their life.

But why do we have to wait until our lives or the lives of those dear to us are threatened before we take notice of the joy around us? I am not talking about taking sad aspect to our lives and trouble ourselves from thinking something which is unnecessary or becoming a worry-wart, I am just trying to say that we DO have time everyday just to value what we have and appreciate the facts that we are alive today.

You can do something extraordinary, like this :

Since I am the one who enter this post, I shall be the first- to know how to value my life, and start appreciating my life from now onwards. Don't get me wrong - It is not like I have never appreciate my life, its just that I can be someone more, do something more, and treat myself more lively.

There are few things I've suggested myself (AND YOU) to do'em everyday, there goes my list :

1) Every night before you sleep, list 5 things you are most grateful of the day. They must not be something "great or extraordinary", they can be the simplest things you feel like the food you ate today, the friend you walked home after class, or the blog you entered just now.

2) Have a cuddle. From your parents, brothers, sisters, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends or if you can't find anyone, hug your toys. If you do not have any, I can lend them to you. Cuddle them often.

3) SMILE. That's all it takes - Simply smile occasionally even no one is there to see it ! But do not over-do it.

4) Wear something you like - Open your wardrobe, appreciate every single piece you own, wear them! Wear them rather than leaving them stored for rare "special occasion". I call this Kubi-Disorder. I must learn doing this else I shall stop buying, stop piling clothes.

5) Call your family, relatives and friends, chat about unimportant things. I prefer email.

6) Eat & drink slowly. Feel the texture of your tongue. Stop doing things when you are tired, stretch your arms and legs. Feel the muscles relaxation.

7) Notice the nature. Simply peep outside the window for sunrise or sunset. Simply feel the texture of snow. Simply love flowers and trees.

Even IF I can't do them everyday, I can DO ONE A DAY.

Simply appreciate your life every day ! ! !

P.S = This entry is based on the inspirations I've got from a site. Not Kubi-copyrighted but it does not matter as long as it works on me and you.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One-Night Millionaire

7 Anti-Kubi
On 8th of March-Women's Day ~ Monday replacement as holiday, all Russians and I-All Malaysian had holiday in Moscow! A 3-days-weekend (again) =) For your information(if you are a noob),Women's Day in Russia is 100 times bigger/merrier/more important compare to any country in the world! Florists earn 100 times more during Women's Day compare to Valentine's Day.

I am a procrastinator,I DID NOT BAKE MY WEEKEND but I SLEPT OVER THE WEEKEND for like minimum 15 hours a day. Well, after recovering from a-whole-week sickness I think I deserve the sleep, as I still go for classes even with running nose, high temperature and irritating cough. As always, every weekend, no matter 2-days or 3-days, I only feel like staying at home, sleeping, resting, reading, novel-ing, movie-ing, gaming, blogging, dreaming or studying, just not to go out. Hate the hassles like taking bus, taking metro, walk under cold weather & freezing wind, and etc etc, so I rather stay home, being lazy is happier =p

Unfortunately, I only celebrated Women's Day at home this year, dinner with friends.After dinner, as usual, we play games. This time, we played monopoly and twister! A homemade twister ! ! ! Since the FCs having so much urge playing it so we joined but we did not have much fun, due to some complaints made by certain people, not gonna reveal here.

And I was a ONE-NIGHT MILLIONAIRE ! ! ! Yuuu-Huuuuuuuuuuuu XD

Well, actually Pau and I won the game that night, WHY? Not just merely it was Women's Day, but with our high IQ and EQ, we won it ! ! ! Haha, we bought only 4 pieces of land initially and the guys "ate" (sapu) all the other lands but well, the guys died one by one. Oh before losing the game, there is a curse! They repeatedly being JAILED again and again before they lost the game, we girls did not cheat but that was the curse haha! I have no idea WHY but its funny =p
More than half of the Monopoly belongs to me, including houses & hotel XD wahaha!
Hes brain-storming his EQ ~ Obviously he can't continue with Rub 60 !
The curse~Jailed again and again before ending their game lol And I am the Iron-Woman XDFinally Gan + ZV POGIBAL ON MY LAND( BABILOVA STREET)Falala=p
Another FC trying hard with his only left Rub3 (RM 0.30)+4 train stations=p HES CUTE LA !At last, POGIBAL caught at Pau's Motel !!!The GIRLS counting happily ($_$)
I shooed them back home earlier that night because I need to go out early the next morning for a birthday lunch. Err. Thank god it has been canceled LOL, I get to sleep MORE XD There goes my weekend and again today is a new fcking-school-day!


Updated : OK. Now is the bitchy part ! ! ! I have been tolerating with this fella since the new semester started. I don't know what's happening on her and I don't know why the hell she has to act as if like I OWE HER forever! If you wanna go continue PMS- go farer ! If its because of some matter that you are not satisfy with me, or us, then just voice up to me, rather than showing your mother-dead-looking-face everyday and talk like a terrorist on every conversation. I just don't give a shit because I do not even know what is happening, shes worthless my anger! I AM NOT ANGRY but I AM PISSED. IF you have a bad mood, go knock yourself on the wall,do not vent out on me, you think I am stupid enough until an extend that I DO NOT SENSE your mocking speech ? ? ? ! ! !
(I am not yelling)

When she needs help, she looks like shes your best friend (oh yeah, shes having a new close friend currently FOR GOOD), when shes in bad mood, shes a terrorist ! ! ! IT IS NOT HARD TO SMILE A LITTLE BIT WIDER OR TO STOP BEING SARCASTIC. I tell you, IT IS NOT HARD.

I have my own life (thank god, I do have my own life), IF YOU DISLIKE then just give me a break !

I don't wanna dirt my blog with such a bad-post because this blog is only meant for JOY and myself. And oh yeah, I know she will be laughing if she happen to see my post, because she made me pissed. Shall I say : HALOOOOO, welcome to the blog ! YEAH, ITS YOU ITS YOU ! OMG, PSYCHIC ! ! !

Just stop stalking me !

P.S : And I think you,my brother spreaded me the flame he vented out last week after seeing my post about his new MacBook Pro =p Thats why I can FLAME NOW Wahahaha XD

Oh Weee... Last but not least.

Missing home ( FINALLY !!!)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Pocus-List ! ! !

5 Anti-Kubi
I Like Her But I Hate Her.

Shes in my NEW favorite pocus-list on right, one of the blog I would love to read from today onwards.

We discovered her blog from browsing through google.com and the root is shes one of the contestant from Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2 (MDG2) ! I've been following this contest since the first season last year, been supporting the girls, and now I am still (will be) following this online-streaming competition. I need this entertainment since there is no Malaysian TV (or astro, or satelite) streaming program in Moscow, so having an online-streaming contest is not bad at all. At least I am entertained =p

Shes better known as MDGMING a.k.a Ming ! ! !

At least for now : I hope she will never irritate the people throughout the contest as the real-show in the Dream-House will be stream online, showing their real characters, as what you all have seen from the last season, how the MDGs behaved which very much irritate others.

But for time being, I TOTALLY LOVE MING.
As I said IN WHOLE.

Check it out people ! ! !

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bed Time Story

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I am already on bed and getting ready to doze off.

-My bed time story-

I came home really late today after class, around 18:30pm for one reason I shall not say now. Sacrificed my evening-sleep today. Blame to my laziness doing last minute job : patient history which is already in my list-to-do for the past 1 week. Besides blaming myself, the sleeping-goku must be blame too. A 2 person job (because we are sharing the patient history) done by 1, me the Kubi, because said he is "really" sleepy thus I allowed him to nap (HALOOO I am sleepy and tired too !) and end up spending 4 hours alone finishing it before midnight. This time it takes a bit longer than usual because the "copy and paste" job cannot work out due to my "rare-diagnosis", I have NO SAMPLE to copy haha! So, he(YOU) SHOULD FEEL GUILTY NOW.

I hope he is.
Nah, second thought, just give him a break haha!

Kubi can't wait for weekend ! ! ! Again a 3 days-weekend gonna be ! ! !
I just cannot freaking wait, at the same time, I have a whole long list-to-do.

I wanna BAKE MY WEEKEND ! ! !

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Lazy Day

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Sleep in the evening is a must to my life since the first day I came to Moscow until now, I have been doing this for the past 4.5 years already. And I love evening-sleep. But sometimes when I can't control the sleep, duration scares me. To the maximum 6 hours and minimum 2 hours. When it comes to the maximum, I will not be able to sleep early that night -----> I will be loitering in the room for whole night, up until 1-2 hours left before class starts, I think : Oh, I better go sleep. The next day, I will be dozing the train off.

Today is a lazy day for me. And in fact, everyday is a lazy day for me. Who doesn't want to eat, sleep, hobby-ing, shopping plus a little bit of working in a everyday's life? I would be definitely the first one to put-up-my-legs to be a lazy-queen. I wish and needless to ask, I WILL NOT GET BORED (but only with cash-filling my wallet non-stop) with this kind of life ( because I have thousand hobbies =p).

Today not a bad day at all, class ended 12:30 noon which is far early expected by us, but not because she is generous, she is just the one who knows how to make full use of the(our) time and let us not do the waiting everyday which is a typical Russian's style. Students always ask for more. I always ask for more. Everyday 12:30noon go home, anyone? I want ! ! !

Edit : My swollen gum is aching me ! ! !

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Love You But I Hate You

5 Anti-Kubi
I was not supposed to blog about this person but I have been thinking for the past few hours and finally I decided to blog about him. Actually not that I decided but I feel I must blog about him because I am choked inside. ROAR.

This fcker came from an average family and his dad earns an average monthly. BUT this boy is richer than the daddy seems to me. Haha. OK. Let put it in this way. If I am not mistaken, this fcker bought the coolest, high-tech-est laptop the HP with the best features 2 years ago (ok before that, he was using my abandoned-laptop, oh a 2nd hand laptop from me, the one I threw it away. I love the way he use it & swear it haha). He is satisfied. Oh yea, of course he is because a damn laptop today do not need RM6k( I am counting in RM now).

And a year later, I was chatting with him. He was in the university. I know this fcker. He wouldn't have brought his damn laptop to his university because he claimed that it is BIG. OK. He likes a small laptop. Oh yea, Asus Eee PC is finally out ! ! ! A YAY for him. Thats his second laptop in his life. ( He was just 19 ok).

And now, hes older a year or a half. Hes 20 (I like to put you in 20 because I am "still" 24 so you are 4 years younger), and finally he bought my laptop!!! Why I said mine ? ? ?

Fcker, when did you feel like buying a Macbook out of sudden? When your sister told you that her laptop spoiled and she has been using it for 4 years ( say fuck to Acer), apparently this fcker advise me to buy a Macbook PRO the thinnest version. Ouuww, I would LOVE TO. But, DENG YOU!

You bought it before me ? ? ? ( Obviously la, I don't have the cash for getting a Macbook PRO or a Macbook DUST). This fella will only buy things to the extend of buying the BEST THING. Yeah, smart enough to choose a Macbook Pro.


OK. Story about this fcker is over.

And a toast for you! People, lets toast for him!


Actually, "pc termasuk air" sounds ridiculous to me, did you try blowing it dry ? ? ? At least ? ? ? NO right ! ! ! Blame the daddy or mummy to the stupidity to believe your story ( don't worry, they not reading my blog) haha! Oh, grandma MIGHT be reading my blog ! ! ! But, I hope your "Human-ATM" the grandma will keep giving you free-flow-cash, that sounds healthy to me, and shes healthy, shes happy, she pays your gadgets. You like it ? ? ? I like it.

So, treat your grandmother nicer today, from today, and today onwards to WIN a MacBook PRO ! ! ! You are a grandmother-boy, aren't you ? ? ? But not bad mar, I wish to be a grandmother-girl too =p R.O.A.R.

Come babe, spare me your extra MONEY. I said I am not jealous. LOL.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


3 Anti-Kubi
Due to the rocketed-improvement of the technology and invention, nowadays youngsters love to pour their feelings or to be exact type out their expression through internet like subjecting MSN or scribbling FB to "share" their feelings with others.

And "we" prefer using abbreviations.

FIMA - "Our" favorite abbreviation (as always) because it shows the deep feeling (DUH!) inside everyone who has commitments with study,work or both.

Monday is always a bad (plus lazy) day, at least for me.

So FIMA - Fuck Its Monday Again ! ! !
(Btw, copyright by FC Members to be use only)


Hmmmm... FC, UNBELIEVABLE ? ? ?

Edit : Can't believe today is 1st March 2009 ( when I see the date again and again), time really flies. I had 24 years of life ALREADY on this planet, the earth. BUMI. And I had 4.5 years of life ALREADY in Moscow, the city. HELL. But definitely I will miss here, "eventually" after I start working !

OK. Finalized. I like this font betta !

Not An Update

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I have nothing to post or update but I still wanna post a new update. Are you confuse now? Yes, I am confuse plus blur-blur.

I am getting better today, at least my body temperature fluctuates within a smaller range, flu about to dry up, and cough ceasing. No thank to the medicine but thank to Goku's few-days-porridge + barley drink and of course his love la =p

Not eating a single shit today + also because I am sick, the FC feast (like every Saturday) canceled. Not canceled but just without us. Since I can't cook. The initial plan was Penang Laksa !!! Sounds tempting ehhh . . . But I can't eat.

But thank to my generous Pau, the laksa-lover, shes willing to sacrify her favorite food and change to Ipoh Kuew Tiau Soup, haha ! XD Plus her "tong yun" filling with peanuts =) So, obviously I feel blessed with "free" food. Free in terms not of the cost but the cooking task. Lets call it a free-job-food. Yay! A free-job-food =)

Overall, a non-productive Saturday. The end of February.

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