Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Cranberries

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The Cranberries Live ! ! !

My first concert in Moscow and unfortunately my final as well. The concert was awesome! Dolores was superB. She always is. So far, this is not my best concert but I really enjoyed it, despite I was sitting quite far from stage. Out of 9 million citizens in Moscow, I didn't know that there are so many russians capable of singing English songs! I thought they don't speak English, yeah they don't as far as I'd experienced. But goodness, they can memorize the lyrics better than I do!They make me love Moscow. Didn't like it here so much before.

However, I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures due to the poor lighting. The hall was dim and full with spot-lights once the concert started. Dolores rock-ed for one and half hours non stop. She is really awesome! Deadly in love with her angelic voice. And her funny dancing pattern, if you are into her and if you ever watch her videos in You Tube, you know what kind of epic pattern I am talking about. Heeee.She sang quite a number of songs, I cannot remember counting'em. Everyone's favorite ; zombie. And also dreams, linger, salvation, animal instinct, dreaming my dreams, time is ticking out, how, etc and etc. I took a few videos, I was quite far away, and the motion wasn't too stable because haha I was moving my body =p But it is okay, like I have always mention, memories that mind.I'll post up some videos next time! As usual, follow for updates!

After the concert, we headed to Starlite Diner for supper. I ordered baguette smoked turkey sandwiches and Danbo had le cordon bleu burger. And 7 of us had 4L of raw beer, or whatever you wanna call it. We caught the last metro at 1am and the last bus at 1:45am. Lucky us! And again I had a superB great outing.

I just freaking don't wanna quit my study life ! ! !

Friday, May 28, 2010

Spectacle Lenses

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Sometimes I really do think I have strabismus. Convergent. I either overlooked or unrecognized objects.

Besides having hypertension, sorta genetically they have eye problems. Not only family close to me, but other family too. My mum has dry eyes and mild strabismus too. And I really think glasses help her a lot. Spectacle lenses help to eliminate the need for excessive accommodation with its associated convergence excess, so it permits the two eyes to see as a unit even though they may not be properly anatomically oriented - this is what I read online but how true it is, you tell me. What about treating surgically?

I hope if I needed help one day, I will be treated perfectly well. Eyes are really important. I don't want to get inherited if I can choose.

I am up to this topic because I webcam-ed with mummy today and she looked over my recent pictures and told me that I might have such problem. I told her once last year that I have serious problem with my eyes. I tend to overlook objects and diplopia, maybe my eyes were forced for excessive accommodation. Then I stop wearing contact lenses and start wearing spectacle lenses. Thank god my eyes are okay after a few weeks and double vision no more.

I really should consider wearing spectacle lenses more =)

One thing I am really curious. I don't know why people think strabismus is a funny disease. I mean they laugh. They mean it. Whenever they see people with convergent eyes, they laugh. Instead I feel sorry for them. They didn't want it.

I am just so emo about eyes now. Haha.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

You thought.

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I looked at this page for a while and I didn't know what to write. I have so many things in my mind now, heaps of things to be done yet I have so little time.

I am unable to express myself in words now.

I was requested to post up the photos of items on sale from a few interested buyers since last 2 weeks, I didn't do it until today. I posted more than 40 items in an hour, and more than half are gone now. I am glad. I really am. Hopefully I don't have any leftovers before my graduation.

I didn't go for electives today. Again. So far I'd been to only once. Hopefully sum of 3 by this Friday so that I will be able to get zachut for therapy elective. I went for a tour to our graduation hall today, had meeting with people in charge. My first time there. It wasn't as disappointing as what I've heard so far. Place is rather small, hall is rather compact but I think the parents will sorta like the Russian style building ~ Dom Uchebni.

Financial wise, we didn't choose a better hall. Well the story does not summarize in one simple sentence like this. Long story. Like I said Russia is a pain! So, we accepted the hall they have to offer. Less hassle, no headache. I know so many of them were disappointed, trust me we are doing our best =) You know it is hard to fight with them plus not everyone is willing to pay for a graduation ceremony. Not as easy as you thought. Anyway, I think the hall is rather pretty despite it is old and compact, hopefully the parents gonna like it average.

Other than hall, the yearbook team is coming to the end soon. Hopefully by next week, everything will be done and ready for printing. I pray hard for everything gonna be okay. I am sure we are to be blame if anything bad happens. That's human nature regardless to how much time you'd sacrificed. We knew it when we take the job =)

Right, tomorrow I will be going to elective and then hopefully bowling after that? Yeah hopefully! I needa call home soon. Time is not allowing these few days and many things happening back home. Hopefully everything gonna be okay by the time I call. I always tell people I am not religious, but I can assure you that I am a believer. There are thousand or zillion times when we need prayers.

Night peeps!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


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I am still in love with Nickelback - Never gonna be alone but didn't able to embed it =p And my current addiction 21 GUNS.


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Our very own prom! Started since 2006. But only my 3rd time attending. MASSAD - the most awaited day of the year of RSMU and definitely the 2nd top list of my most awaited day. First is definitely my graduation day coming this 30th June. So this year the event was held in Crowne Plaza, World Trade Center Moscow, 21st May 2010. This year the event was far grander, to be compared with last few years (Read Massad 2009) Thumbs up to 2nd year students the organizers ! The banquet dinner was really superB : the grand hall, awesome performances, and also the red carpet ceremony. I nearly thought I was a star *wink*.
Like I'd mentioned earlier, I didn't prepare well for this year prom because I didn't have a nice dress. I thought. Like usual, I normally love the stuffs I bought, but also I normally stop loving them after a while. My excitement can come and go easily. So, I didn't like my dress after buying it so I didn't bother to get any accessories or sandals for the dress. Also I never adore black.

BUT after dressed, I totally love my dress. It is a designer's dress. Credit to Tadashi Shoji. I bought it at Edison Mall, Saks Fifth Avenue when I was in US. I googled, found out that he has a boutique in Las Vegas. If I knew it earlier, I would have definitely visit his boutique when I was in Las Vegas, I am sure there are more choices in his own boutique. He designs dresses for miss world,miss universe finalists, and also for grammy awards. And the interesting part is that he does amend his dresses to a bigger size if you need it. This part, I am thinking about my bum-bum mummy. Heeee. I didn't know him until I saw my dress =) I will definitely look into his dress again!

The awkward award =pAnd I think she has the best dress of the night! Totally love her dress =)
Many said that I didn't look like I would wear this kind of dress. Well, like I'd mentioned before, I didn't fix myself into one kind of fashion, I love varieties. Elegant might not be me all the time, but once in a while, I feel good to be elegant. I guess that is when I start to adore black.

So, talking about the prom again, well the food was okay. All final year students including myself had a really great time together. All of them dressed up so so so beautiful. Love looking at the pictures, seeing them in such a pweeetty way.

These are my gurls XD
Last but not least, thanks to Danbo being my photographer whole night. The pictures are really nice despite the the dim hall and limited gadgets =) It was an unforgettable night =) View more pictures at (Kubi Facebook) XD I didn't want to post too many pictures here, else my blog gonna be so boring with my face posted =p

p.s : Didn't have her around this year, so I did my make up myself imperfectly.

Monday, May 24, 2010


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Grow like a tree, not like a mushroom.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Moscow Live - The Cranberries

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The Cranberries ! ! !
Dolores you are really really really aweeeesoooomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! ! !

In your head, in your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie,
Hey, hey, hey. What's in your head,
In your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh, dou, dou, dou, dou, dou...

(In my head, in my head, zombie, zombie, zombie.
Hey hey hey you are in my head!) Gosh.
This song keeps playing in my freaking head now!
I am gonna miss the band for some time!

Follow for updates ! XD

Thursday, May 20, 2010


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Touch at noon.


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Nikkor my loyal companion.


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Walk on the round moon.


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The soviet ambulance-car.


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Those golden kisses all over the cheeks of meadow, queerly called dandelions.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

End my med school

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Wooooooooottttt . . . Tomorrow gonna be the final final final last last last day in medicine school. Before this, I was so excited and the excitement disappeared last few weeks and it came back this week, especially tonight!

Well, I don't know what to say. No matter how much I hated myself to be in Russia, in CCCP's hospitals, well I still do love my care-free life and my batch mates. I don't have much pictures to upload or to be more exact no picture to upload haha, I wish I have taken more pictures when I was in uni or hospitals.

But anyway, memories that matter. I hope I am not gonna miss my school life too much or too soon. Today we had the final photo session for our yearbook 2010' and I hope the outcome gonna be a good one. I would really love to thank to my batch mates for being so supportive, not all of them, but those who came, I really appreciate it.

So, let us all celebrate for our final day in medicine school tomorrow!

P.S : It is already midnight and yet I have a lot of things to do. I'll blog more often!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moscow 65th Victory Day 2010 Gallery

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A quick gallery updates about 65th Victory Day of Russia. Took place at Red Square. I posted some videos at my previous post so I am just gonna quickly upload some pictures here. Not much pictures taken but no doubt I had a great outing.
The Russian Heroes. Or to be more exact, the former armies. It is a russian-culture for the former armies to attend the Victory Day celebration with their favorite tux, hung with all the batches they had earned so far since they entered army schools, walking around Moscow accepting flowers from the younger respectful ones. I guess this is the part we talk about respect. Like I'd said before, nothing awesome I like about Moscow, but saying about patriotism, Russian is always at the top. And we have all the rights to hate them for being so patriotism but I doubt if they deserve it. Anyway, I do adore them. Not all the times. But sometimes they deserve our respect too =)

I didn't prepare any bouquet but I was able to take a photo with them.
I was happy =) Hes so cute. Look at all his batches. And he is OLD.
How I wish I own one of his lovely batch.1945-2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moscow 65th Victory Day 2010

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My first time at Red Square celebrating Victory Day with thousands of muscovites. We made it there this year but we were late. We were unable to witness the opening ceremony of the celebration. Danbo is complaining still. Watching them in YouTube, I really wish I was there. I guess there is no 2nd chance watching such powerful performances like the air-force or what-so-ever you call them, the air-force plane, war trucks, fire trucks or monster trucks ~ wuteva you wanna name it. I am quite sad that I missed it.

And it is a pain when you miss TWO awesome performances in one day! The fireworks! It is the first time ever Moscow having such a wonderful fireworks, at least my 6 years in Moscow, this is the first time ever. And sadly, hell yeah instead I witnessed it on you tube again! =( It might NOT be as good as the fireworks I witnessed during Independence Day in New York last year, or it might NOT be as good as the fireworks in Orlando Disneyland but well, 'this' is enough for one slight reason or one second of thought to amaze Moscow. Staying in Moscow for 6 years, I guess I like nothing about Moscow if I were to compare with other countries (I am not even thinking about Malaysia) BUT there is one thing ; not about the fashion, the food, the building, the friendliness, the kindness, not about Moscow but their patriotism amazed me. They are powerful. And one of those reason why everybody hates Russians, because Russians love Russians.

2nd part of Victory Day coming up ~

Sunday, May 9, 2010


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Cosmetic is consider one of those fashions you've got out there. I agree with this. I am not a big fan of make up. But I do make up occasionally. Occasionally means everywhere except school and hospitals? Nah ~ Occasionally goes side by side with venue and mood =) I found this lovely make up ~ I love those freckles. But I think I will never have chance doing this on my face, unless I am attending some costume party or haha unless I am a model? LOL =p
The weather was good. I headed to Ikea. It's been a while. I can't even remember when was my last time at Ikea. I don't go there without a purpose because the transportation troubles me all the time. And I hate taking the bus, used to be freeder bus. And mayshut is quite irritating when they weather is hot. And MKAD is forever jam! Anyway, I had a nice outing, had brunch at Ikea and bought a curtain for my bathroom. Danbo didn't want to get one because said we gonna graduate in 1.5 months time BUT I insisted because the old one really dirty and stink, my mum gonna scream at me when she gets here. So, I chose the cheapest one with plain yellow color and hehe I DIY it a lil with some cartoon and it looks good now!

Friday, May 7, 2010

You choose fashion

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Fashion is a passion. We choose fashion. Many times you might think about what you gonna look good at or you might doubt yourself wearing something just because it looks a lil odd (or to me special). I am a vintage person. I totally love vintage. But at the same time, I love so many other fashions. I don't tie myself liking vintage only. Many times that you see people having their 'own style'. Said they have their own style or personality. For example, one said they are walking on a sexy line, some sporty look? some cute look? or they wear only clothes they are comfortable with even though fashion is not there, or wuteva!

To me, what it matters ~ as long as I think it is pretty. I adore all fashions. ALL. Even odd stuff because like I said before, I kinda like special piece. People might think it is odd or ugly to be exact but I don't care as long as I adore it. Like this pair of blardy-stylo spec. There are so many nerdy spec I saw out there, and it has been a trend now but I adore this the most. I'd been eying on nerdy spec for some time but haha I prefer white or transparent frame better like this . . .
because least people wearing it and of course nicer. You might not like this kind of fashion but there are a few will gonna love it =p I wish I have a higher nose-bridge so that I can wear all kind of glasses! If you are an asian, you will have problem choosing spec because you don't wanna look like fly, do you? LOL =p

Danbo always say that I have personality disorder haha! Wonder why? Well, I don't know. Maybe because of my characters. My character can change in a many different ways. I didn't mean anything bad. Maybe I just don't stay cute 24/7. When I am serious, I am. When I am stylish I am. And when I dress up, he usually doesn't get to kiss my cheek. Haha he knows why! And sometimes I talk like a kid, sometimes I am too mature for him. Or sometimes I am too harsh for anyone. Well I guess this has to do not only my character and maybe my fashion sense? I act how I wear. I think my brain like some sort of know what kind of character I should act when I am on different outfits. When I go picnic, of course I don't wear heels. But if I wear heels, I don't run for bus, not because that I can't run on heels, its the personality. BUT my personality disorder has nothing to do with my attitude. I can have a lot of 'superficial' personality but NOTHING gets deep.
I don't stab people on back or I am never two-face. People who know me, I think they know me well enough. I don't laugh when I am angry and you can see through me at once! And my frankness sometimes really scare people away especially women. Haha sorry bebs, I am frank I know but just can't help, I have this problem since small. Even my parents are afraid of me because I can be so serious when I am unhappy with something LOL =p But I hardly throw my tantrums, I rather act like I care nothing! So when I said I act how I wear, it is totally the human manners I am referring to. We can have so so many fashion range, even though I don't really agree with what people wearing sometimes, but to me, as long as you like the piece, you look good at it, and you are confident, you are pretty! No matter you are short, tall, fat or thin, you still can rock your body! But don't overdo it. I always have buts wuahahaha =pThe final picture is so entertaining right? Remember these rules if you were to cat-walk. No posing, no stopping and be a CHIC ! And I really think hands on hips is ugly. Enjoy your weekends peeps! Auwwwww . . . Look at their outfits ! ! !

I am the next

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I wanna blog. First thing in my mind when I was on my way back from hospital is to blog. Oo'man I just wanna blog. I stared at the blank post page for a while and I can't think of anything I wanna write about. I am tired. Exhausted I suppose. I didn't work like a bull yesterday nor study like a mad girl. I slept as usual but less 3 hours compare to the routine me. 12 - 3 =9 hours. And I am exhausted.

I can imagine how am I gonna work in future, and every time I think of the nurse waking me up, I laugh. You know why if you were to wake me up. So, I have nothing much to say now and I gotta off to bed. Till I recharge my energy I will blog.

OH yeah ~ end of another week and posting! Next week gonna be my FINAL week. Final week OOOoooo'MAN ~ Final! I am happy because I don't have to go to class anymore. I have the feeling that I have been psyching myself to miss Moscow. I will definitely miss my study life but the problem is that too many people come to me and tell me how much they miss Moscow and their carefree life, it psyches me a lil.

Anyway, I am really start missing my carefree life already!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Labor Day

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Today had a day-off replacing Labor day which fall on last Saturday. I went out last 2 days, Saturday and Sunday, had a lot of fun window-shopped LOL =p You know it is NOT fun to window-shop ... at all. Actually I was looking for a black sandal I can wear for my coming annual dinner. Damn. I don't have a proper apparels for this year. And I am kinda like don't wanna waste money buying something expensive yet I dislike. I just don't like getting something in hurry for a purpose. Like getting a black sandal just for the sake of the annual dinner and I will never wear it for second time. It happens to me many times. And I learned from mistakes.

And yeah I didn't buy one. Those that I eyed on, well needless to say they are expensive. I don't know man. I just don't feel like going. Haha. I have signs of getting old LOL =p Still remember I wore whole set of gold-apparels last year, from tiny to big ones, the dress I bought for 2 or 3 years back I don't remember but I didn't wear it until last year. It wasn't a superB dress but a special one. I like everything special. And this year I am gonna suck arse. Can I just wear my last year's golden sandal on my black dress? DAMN. No fucking idea why I bought a black dress last year. I told ya' I hate buying stuff in hurry and for a purpose. I don't have much time searching for a nice dress when I was in US. And to have something better than nothing, I grabbed it even though it is not cheap at all. I seldom adore black. Not never but rare rarely. I am burning my money in anger.

Oh yeah, instead of black sandal I bought another pair of leather shoes (again)! I am just so into vintage brown leather shoes lately. I'd been eye-ing on this pair for some time. Danbo just complained that we don't have any more space for shoes. I am not a shoe addict. I place them nicely, every pair in their own boxes and I wipe them
all every time they served me out. Well, not a disease but haha I don't know. I can tell I am a lover. I love everything belongs to me. That is why if you were to buy 2nd hand stuff from me, I assure you my stuff will be like new ones! Not only clothes or shoes, even books and electrical stuff. LOL =p And I guess this is also one of those reasons why people seldom borrow stuff from me, to be exact, dares to borrow. But you know who you guys are, I do borrow my stuff even new stuff which I never use before. I am a lover XD Yet to be a perfectionist. I am not virgo. LOL =p

I am so boring now. Shall I bake or shall I sleep? Weather is not helping! Later in the evening I will be having yearbook meeting, to be frank it is boring. I mean to make a yearbook. And frankly, many times I think why we are doing it while others just sit there waiting for graduation and even some just love complaining doing nothing. You guys just helped for not complaining! Oh yeah, the yearbook pictures . . . you guys gonna look kinda big. Haha I mean the size of the pictures are kinda big LOL so don't start complaining how ugly you look like in your pic. I myself look like a fat arse. Wuahaha XD

I AM SO BORING ! ! ! And lazy. I did not even blog about my new toy. I promised rubbish.

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