Friday, September 17, 2010

I've a bad feeling

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I have a bad feeling about my induction next week. I'll get to know which hospital I'll be posted at after Monday. I have a bad feeling that I might not get any of those 3 hospitals that I applied for. I don't know why but I just feel it.

Most of my friends gonna have their induction at PD and just a few of us got KL. I assumed they catogerize us according to our addresses, KL-ians ---> PD and vise versa.

I don't really care about the induction even though the fact is that most my friends gonna be at PD while I'll be at KL alone, what I do really care about is the hospital I am gonna be posted at.

I am really worried and I keep telling myself that I can't just leave KL.
I am a city girl. I can only pray hard.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Miss Selfridge

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Currently I am truly madly deeply addicted in love with Miss Selfridge!
Gawttt . . . their dresses are awesome awesome beautiful !
I bought more than 10 pieces in just 2 visits! Heart them all =)
They are no ordinary.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

G-Shock Mini

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I've always wanted to get myself a G-shock. And hoooraayyy someone just bought me a brand new G-shock mini, not a Baby-G hehe. I am loving it soooo much! Trust me, she looks better than just a picture. Shes gorgeous!

Last week I lost my GUESS watch and I've decided to get a new one. In fact I need one urgently because I gotta start working soon and without a watch is a no-no for me. I should have bought one which is decent enough for work.

But ended up with G-shock mini. Shes shock resistant, 100M water resistant, LED afterglow, 29 time zones, password protection, 5 daily alarms, countdown timer etc etc and etc. Shes GMN 550-1B.

I've always love extraodinary products. My new toy is just so superB pweetyyy =)

It doesn't look tooooo weird wearing formal with G-shock, ain't it? Haha =p

I do need a new watch soon!

And I do really need to stop shopping!

Friday, August 13, 2010


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Almost 3 weeks since I came home. Life changes a lot. And sometimes I still can't believe that I've graduated. I don't have to go back to Moscow anymore.

I do feel young. Especially when parents around, I feel needless being the decision maker.

I never blog. One of the reason is being home. Sometimes when you have nothing to do, merely sitting in the living room, I just feel good being home. And I have no intention to even go online. I am still adapting my summer holidays like every other summer break I had. I don't treat home as my routine. YET. So when I get to rest home like now, I feel extremely good.

Moscow is my work, home is my vacation. But I realized that sooner or later, home is where I should do my routine. I have to work just like going to school in Moscow for 6 years. I might start writing again when I have dinner or party just like what I did 6 years in Moscow. Just like my routine life in Moscow.

I am not gonna mention what I'd done in these 3 weeks. But life is good. Life is definitely treating me perfectly!

Now that I understand why Muscovites never blog when they are homed. And I am now one of them.

Monday, July 26, 2010


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