Thursday, April 29, 2010

Snow In Spring

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As promised, my first HD video is finally up to view XD.
This is my first HD video, my first recording and
also my first video taken using my new compact camera LX3.
Also my first time editing a video.
But I wasn't prepared, excuse my lousiness =p

Watch HD in YouTube

So this video was taken on 25th April 2010, and I wasn't really prepared because I just woke up. I FB-ed the moment I woke up and saw lots of shouts in FB claiming that it is snowing outside. Quickly I jumped off my bed, displaced my curtain. Damn there you go ~ SPRING SNOWS!

I was quite excited at first, because I thought I will never have a chance to record a snowing video as I just bought my compact this week. And I was happy because at least I have a snowing video in Moscow, as you guys know that I am graduating this year, and I was never really fond of snow for 6 years in Moscow. I mean I like snow, just that we don't do something extraordinary during our daily routine life. Like myself, staying here for 6 years I am not fond of Red Square or I never take picture with the twin tower back home. The routine life.

Anyway, the excitement vanishes really fast and left me ~ depression for a while. I guess everyone is depress with the weather. We want more sunshine !
But deep inside me, I do start missing snow.

I'll talk about my new toy more for the next post!
Betta of to bed now ~ Night peeps!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Day

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Morning peeps! Sunday 25/04/2010 and Moscow just snowed !
I believe this is the final show ( oh I typed show instead of snow)
touching down the ground of Moscow.
Snow storm always happen a few days before winter ends.
The wind blows 29km/hour today and yesterday it was 49km/hour (gosh!)
Even though there might be some pseudo-spring week before,
it is normal. Just like some believers said ;
A dying man will have pseudo-recovery days before he breathes his last.
It happens every year.
And I hope this is the end of winter.
If it continues to snow after May, I seriously will think of 2012.
So, the purpose of this post is to tell you guys that
I've just recorded my first HD video using my cute (yet stylish) lil' monster.
I will tell you guys about it !

Have a great Sunday!

What about muffins for today?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I am tweeting

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Hey peeps! A lazy friday night, here I am updating my blog again XD I am currently so up to twitters. Not my first day logging in. I signed up for months or maybe 2 years ago I don't remember myself. And I seldom tweet because I find it so useless tweeting myself and nobody gonna read or see what I am up to. And I don't even know if people or friends replied my twitters unless I am tweeting 24/7 and you know that's not gonna happen. Even now I don't tweet 24/7. But at least I found an advantage tweeting.

Well, I have seen so many people updating their FB so so frequently. I am already among those who FB 'quite' frequently but those people I mentioned they FB 20-30 times better than I do. I didn't say it is wrong to update your FB status so frequently but I find it a lil' pathetic when I came to read your status. I mean when you are at the top of my news feed. I don't usually click 'older post' to stalk all the status. So, sometimes when I am in the mood to FB, like updating my day. When I have so many things to tell in a day, I am afraid that I will sound pathetic too =p Thus, I found a new way to overcome my fear. Yes ~ It's to tweet! Top reason is that I don't have much followers in my twitters so I can tweet all I want and nobody gonna care, consequently I don't sound pathetic. I felt more like self-appraisals. And Alan you are right! LOL =p But who cares as long as I am comfortable with it. So, I am gonna continue tweeting and continue stalking myself XD =p I am not surprise if you ain't reading this far keke O_O

Alright, so one more week has just ended. 3 more weeks of classes *clap clap*. Then I will be having some electives, exams and I am gonna graduate. Again I poppycock about my graduation. Hee. Today I had my final day of Immunology posting. I amn't interested in immunology. I hated the whole week of the posting. It's been a while since I last attended such a boring and useless lecture. Oh not 1 lecture, lectures. Sitting inside the lecture hall, having nothing to do, nothing to read, nothing to talk about. Sit there for 2 hours then 40 minutes break and another 2 hours. Damn posting. I am glad it's over. And I don't have to waste my time traveling so far for such a useless posting. Today he asked us : How do you guys like and understand my lectures? Ex-U.S.S.R-ians : Of course we don't understand a shit. Lecturer : Clean answer. * wink *

Oh yeah, I am so excited now! One of the reason why I am still awake now, 3:10am. I am getting a new toy tomorrow! Hehe =p I will blog about it! As for now, I better off to bath and get some good sleep XD I am not gonna take part in the stupid gotong-royong for tomorrow morning. I keep my room and kitchen the cleanest ALL the time. So, I don't have to wake up 9am to 'show' them how I clean them 'again'. But Danbo gonna be working outside at the corridor =p

Night peeps!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Florid vs Housedress

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There is always something sweetly sexy,
rather than raunchy sexy.

But even sweetly sexy staples can become boring.
That’s where fashion comes in,
where innovation leapfrogs over conformity.
Just when everyone thought floral prints meant “housedress” ~
all but Barneys’ Creative Director Simon Doonan, who quipped,
“I love my Liberty print shirts, I don’t care how florid or floral”

Oh and I totally heart florid fashion =)
# 2 Gimme Liberty

My 1st Label of Daring Bakers XD

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I have been piling so many pictures of the food I made.
The cakes and cookies I baked.
I am quite zealous when it comes to showing off the pictures I took
~ the aftermath of my baking.
And as I'd mentioned I love taking food pictures because
they just look so yummy.
But of course I love taking scenic picture better,
and it has to come with feelings and imaginations.
I guess you know what kind of imaginations I am talking about
IF you are into photography also.
So, there you go !

Crumbly Apple Pie. Nobody dislike eating apple pie.
And everybody knows apple pie =)
Cappuccino Nanaimo Bars.
If you don't know what a Nanaimo Bar is, you can google it.
Not everyone can take the sweetness of the bar and
I myself cannot take the taste of coconut in pastry or cakes.
Why did I bake it? Hehe.
It's a daring bakers. My label said so =p
Vanilla-Lime Moist Pandan Cake.
No comment for this cake. End up not as nice as I thought.
My mixer ka-boomed and I do not have a mixer now.
In dilemma whether I should get a mixer or not.
I am just gonna use it for another 2 months, around 8 weeks.
+/- 6 weekends. Should I?New York Cheesecake
I don't bake all these in one day or one weekend.
My routine is to bake a cake during one weekend. Different kinds.
And last weekend I made this New York Cheesecake.
Not exaggerating my baking but it is really finger lickin' good!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Homemade CKT

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My yummy yummy plate of Char Kuey Tiaw XD
Food that you will definitely crave for.
You can only homemade it in Moscow =)

Give me liberty !

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There are only 2 reasons why I posted these pictures. One is because I'm dying in love with the word of liberty and second, I am a person with colors. I just love colors too much. M.A.C ~ London give me liberty ! Look at every single angle and centimetre of the picture ~ perfectly nice! Lovely and posh look. Her outfit rockss !

Oh and the cutie nails with lovely leggings =)


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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you you, Happy Birthday to you =)

I know I am late (again) but better than nothing. We celebrated their birthday at Chinese restaurant last month. My 2nd time dining in ~ superberrrrrr food. Much much better than 1st time =) Alright, let the pictures tell XD

Oh my ~ my yummilicious pictures.
I just love taking food pictures so much
because they look so yummy XD
I don't remember the names of food we ordered.
What I can remember is this yummy yummy fish.
My favorite dish of the night XDThe birthday boys ~ FJ n MJ. Look at FJ's cute outfit =p
I chose it keke LOL
MJ singing hard ~*****

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sixty 9

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I facebook everyday. And I am kinda active in facebook too. I am not that kind who loves to hide. And in fact I have nothing to hide. So, most of the time my status in facebook is well updated. Counting days now has become one of my frequent routine. I didn't want to but my brain automatically set me into this shit.

Sixty nine days counting from now. 69 is really short but seems long to me (now). 69 days to my graduation is when I transform from a student to ____ I don't know who am I gonna be. Everyone thinks that I am so excited to leave my student life in 69 days. Oh no, don't get me wrong. I never never ever want this to end. How I wish I can be student forever. Study stress is nothing to be compared with work, financial, family and etc. Everyone has to move on.

What I am glad is that I am leaving Russia. I am counting excitingly 3 more weeks and 3 days for classes because I just don't like going to hospital anymore. I meant U.S.S.R's. Don't ask me why. I can have more than a thousand of reasons why I wanna leave Moscow for good. You can have a thousand too if you stayed here for 6 years. But I believe everything has its pros and cons. I know a few who really love Moscow but I will never be one of those. Never. I would love to come back to Moscow in future for holidays but if you want me to come back for studies even if you pay all my uni fees ~ ohh no thanks!

69 days will be much easier to pass if I don't have to go classes. Thus, as for now, I pray the 3 weeks and 3 days gonna end soon! I just can't wait ~ Russia has a supernatural power depressing your life.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mr. Kubi my snowy man XD

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After 6 years staying in Moscow, can't believe myself making snowman for the very FIRST time. I think this has to do with my travels. I travel every winter. Every. But this year unfortunately, I stayed back in Moscow. And I think that was the main reason why I have time to make a snowman. Hehe. It was an awesome experience. It was so fun and so cold (as usual).

Our first time snowing angel XDMy snow angel =)
It is not easy to make a snowman. Haha. What you need is to at least bring a few bottles of water to ball the snow together tightly, a few pails to transfer the snow quicker, decorations like buttons, scarf, snow cap, tree branches and most importantly is to bring along your gloves with you. Oh yeah, never forget his nose ~ the carrot and also remember to wear your winter boots !

My favorite picture of the day XDMy first time jumping into the snow.
I have never ending first time =p
I remembered myself shivering under the blanket for 1 hour after the snowman, no joke. The snow was so high and we soaked our legs inside the snow for hours. And in order to make the snow angel, of course you gotta lay onto the snow, putting your arse onto the snow and let the snow penetrates through your skinny jeans. You won't even feel cold when you were having fun but soon after you walk home, haha there you go, superBBB =S And also yuckkyy if you can realize haha my flowing mucous under the nose, when you were freezing you won't even realize the mucous got frozen too. It's yucky but trust me you won't even notice'em XD
Taaaaaa Daaaaaaaaa . . . Mr.Kubi looks so handsome ! We took more than an hour setting him up. But it was all worth it. Worth the cold and worth the effort. And thanks to my group-mates shaping my Kubi so roundly and fat-ly XD

I would really love to make another one, anytime soon. Unfortunately a day after my snowman thingy, the snow melted and from that day onwards till now, no snow, no winter, but here come spring~! Oh by the way, this place is just the park opposite my hostel. Everywhere looks so white and nice when you had a huge snow storm a day before.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Snowmen for the last

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Winter oh winter. Winter has just ended. No more winter, no more cloudy sky, no more gloomy pictures, no more snowflakes, no more snow storms, no more freezing extremities, no more free-flowing mucous under your nose, no more bulky wears, no more no more no more no more and NO MORE ~ and It's spring now !

Allow me to update my last few winter ~ posts and pictures. You know I am always late. Hehe. And lucky you, I have the mood today ~ thus you 'might' be able to read all my updates in 2 months in one day ~ today XD Good isn't it? Hehe maybe just me being hyper. Heh!
There you go ~ Hundreds of snowmen were set in front of one of the museum in Moscow last 2 month. The weather wasn't cold,it was freezing cold. Only temperature below 20C (with sunshine) can hold the snowmen in shape, so we were freezing freezing freezing cold.
Every year, there must be such hundreds of snowmen set up 'somewhere' in the city of Moscow. I didn't know where the snowmen were set for the previous years but for this year, I made it there =)
The snowmen were fugly to be frank BUT ~ Well rarely you can see hundreds of snowmen set up at ONE place. So, forget about the fugly appreance ~ and we had a great outing XD

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