Monday, March 22, 2010

Ninety Nine

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Kubi is gonna reconstruct all her photo albums in FB, gonna update her kubi-bloggy again, gonna really really upload her USA travel pics, gonna get a new LX3 toy soon enough, gonna damn so work hard on her guitar, gonna do all her hotel bookings, gonna handle the graduation thingy *with care*, gonna handle her skin with superBBB lotsa moisturizer, gonna find ways to bring my loveliest stuffs back home, so gonna spend more time with friends and more outing, so so so gonna bake like there is no tomorrow . . . gonna explode soon with list of things need to be done ! ! !

I am such such such a blardy procrastinator, and I just can't afford to delay anymore ~ Time won't allow me after graduation, so I betta get my arse up! I just wanna finish all these unimportant tasks while I can ~ And out of all things I've mentioned, none of it related to my studies.

And oh YES! Study is NOT my main priority now !


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

# 4 Poker Face

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When it comes to Chinese New Year or general holiday ("praznik") ~ Alcoholic beverages are one of those choices you have in Moscow. I am not a drinker. In fact none of us. Neither a professional drinker, but I can drink and we drink occasionally. My tolerance to alcoholic beverages kinda average or above average LOL =p with condition drink'em slowly + not too much of moving positions ; like dancing.
Playing poker cards ~ Gambling is one of the culture for chineses during Chinese New Year. To be really frank, I did not gamble during Chinese New Year for 5 years already (I said during Chinese New Year LOL =p I did gamble a lil when I was in Las Vegas last summer! Wuahaha) and this year, we had a small gambling session wuahaha! Small ~ meaning with a lil amount of money and playing for fun! We had a great time. We spent our whole night talking crap, drinking, playing poker cards, having supper and etc etc.

Initially, Kenny lost most of his money and he had to mortgage himself LOL =p Wuahaha well like I mentioned before, whenever he is around, things gonna be a lil 'roller-coastered' =p It's a good thing ~ We should at least do crazeee stuff when we were young. And this dude was REALLY drunk that night!


I remember how well my grandpa could drink when he was still here and how he trained me drinking in front of his friends. Not occasionally for him, but constantly. He was inherited with hypertension, soon after 60 years old, he was diagnosed having Hepatitis B and sooner later with Liver Cirrhosis. I remember myself asking him to stop drinking, he DID but just for a few months.

Well said ; If he is unable to do whatev
er he likes and happy with, no point living for another few years. He just wanna live up his life, eat and drink whatever he loves to. And I agreed to him. Even after he passed away, until a few years later, now that I still think that he is absolutely correct. We are to live up our life! He was still able to survive for another 10 years after so many diseases (happily) and passed away peacefully. One thing for sure is that ~ He really live his life to the fullest ! Auwww . . . and I miss him =) BUT deepest inside me, somehow I wish he can live for another few more years, at least for him to see me graduating.

And I always wonder IF every single human in this world knows how to do a CPR, the survival rate for stroke or sudden cardiac death might increase tremendously. He first syncope and died on the way to hospital. Still remember my grandpa and I having each other through webcam 2 days before he left us.
Death is a mystery. I still don't get it now after so many years. Maybe because I am not a believer?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

# 3 Reunion Dinner

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I know it's really really weird having this as my post (again) ~ Chinese New Year had gone so so far away but YET I am still posting about this festive and am STILL gonna post about this festive at least for another one more time. Hehehehe. Well, what to do time wasn't allowing me for the last 2 weeks.

We had a real late reunion dinner which falls on 7th day of Chinese New Year, normally family members will gather home on the eve of the Chinese New Year for this dinner ~ which falls on the day before a new year starts on the Chinese calender. As for those who are married ~ daughters will only be home to visit their biological parents on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. And I guess I will at least celebrate the eve of Chinese New Year with my parents for another 5 years. Hehe.

So, I had my reunion dinner in Moscow for this year. Well, NOT particularly this year ~ been for 6 years. And I am so so so so blardy glad that I will be home for next year! Keep my fingers cross, not in the hospital! XD Reunion dinner of mine usually consist of my block-mates or I should say ex-block-mates. All of us cooked really a lot ~ 7 dishes for such a tiny amount of people. And like usual, we always have a lot of left-overs. Hehe. But it's a good sign having lots of left-overs, no?

Taaaaaaaaaaaaaa Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~ ~ ~ The Food ! ! !

Whatever thing ~ which is colorful always by Kubi *wink*
My yummy-yummy appetizers
Fishy steamed with garlic-minced sauce by KMHoney Squidy by YCVegetarian Vegy ~ Zhai Choy by AKHehe ~ The best dish of Danbo ~ ever!
Sweet & sour porky a.k.a Gu Lou Yuk =p
Trust me, it's yummy!
US ~ My "so-called family" in Moscow
Last but not least ~ Yee Sang ! ! !

After the dinner, we had a pajamas partayyyy ~ Hehe. Nothing special in particular because 4 of us always sleep with our pajamas LOL =p Before ending the night, we watched AVATAR together! An awesome masterpiece ! ! !

Overall, I had a great great night =)
P/S : This is not a surgery costume ok.
It is a tailor-made surgery-like-pajama wuahaha XDHappy Chinese New Year ~ The Year of TIGER 2010 ~! ! !
Let's ROAR ~

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

# 2 Chinese New Year 2010

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We went out for dinner, celebrating first day of Chinese New Year. Venue : China Garden Restaurant, located at Crowne Hotel or better known as The World Trade Center.

Well, if you don't know them ; They are my group-mates cum my closest friends in Moscow. Most of us came to Moscow together after college, counting since then, almost 8 years of friendship. And well, of course other than these people I do have a number of closest-closest friends but most of them graduated already and left us (Danbo and I) stranded here. Hehe.
The dinner was below average or to be more exact, totally OUT of our (my) expectancy. We expected the restaurant to be bigger, or at least have a big round table for 10 person. We expected the Chinese. I mean the waitress ; instead they are all Russians. We expected the food to be pricey BUT we thought the food gonna be really really nice, sadly disappointed. The taste of the food wasn't 'that' bad but I would say it's europeanized with tiny portions. And they are all over Rub1000 @ RM100 per plate.

Kung Pow Frog-Leg (Kung Pow Tin Kai)
Fish fillets with white wineLoh Hon Zhai
I didn't like the dinner at all, except for the Crispy Peking Duck. I was craving for it, BADLY. Came out to be good, tasted just fine. And like I said expensive over Rub2500. But if you don't know, the difference between Crispy Peking Duck and Peking Duck, I am gonna tell you now. The latter only serves the skin of the roasted duck, while the meat gonna be serve with another style of cooking (or stir-fry) and the bone gonna be serve as soup. While Crispy Peking Duck comes with the meat and the skin together. Both serve with Chinese pancakes, cucumber, spring onions and hoisin sauce. I've tried so many Peking Ducks ; in Malaysia, in London, in China, well nothing can beat China! They serve the BEST peking duck in the world hehe. Doubtlessly.I guess this gonna be my first and final time dining in. Supposedly, we all agreed to dine-in another restaurant, said to be more famous and delicious. But fully booked. Sooooo . . . I am gonna give it a try next time and never this anymore. And by the way, the pictures look so pweeetyyyy and I didn't believe myself they are not tasty wuahahahaha XD OH yeah I forgot something. I wanna complain about the rice ! ! ! Haha =p One bowl of bloody rice, plain WHITE rice peeps, cost us Rub 320 @ RM 40. Yeah one bowl. You just gotta believe me *wink*

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