Sunday, May 31, 2009

Over Burnt

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A superB tired Forest BBQ-day.
to end the month of MAY.

Kubi is over-burnt.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Bday Jamie

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A short post for my girl Jamie.
Happy 25th Birthday!

Celebrated her birthday this afternoon,Korean food - not as nice as I thought (or had last year), I can say its below lower average only. But having them around, actually having all of them around - group 56 made my day okay ! Its been really a while I never hang out with them, no one to be blame - all because of study.

Semester over but STILL the busyness NEVER STOP. But as I've mentioned earlier, Kubi knows how(have to) to enjoy her life, always stop and chill-hop on and off-study and play both are needed. After all we study smart, not hard. But whether its life, study or work - stress is always there. YET but it will come and go - and repeating throughout life.

As usual, we blow and cut cake at night(tonight) - the eve of her birthday. And we all bought her a new school bag, heard that shes fussing around with her torn bag haha, its good that she has a new bag now! A simple but valuable celebration I hope.

Its over midnight so officially you are 25! Happy Bday again!
And have a fabulous day! Muaks Muaks XD

Danbo's FavoriteI will learn how to collage "food" pictures for the next time ok haha!
The precious four =)
The precious seven - everDa taaaaaaaaa . . . Group 56 (the camera-boy missing)My girls are hot, aren't they?Err... our "forced" pose by someone =p,
I know its UGLY
but its worth uploading it here =)
Every picture has its meaning behind . . .
Can you figure out?
Pity Claire - and believe it she walked home with naked feet.
Bday-cake-pictures- not taken by me so no pictures.
This is how I spend my FIRST day of exam breakaaaaa =p

Lastly a superB cute Bday song specially for you :

Happy Birthday Song (Korean) -

Friday, May 29, 2009

Exam breakaaaaa

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Exam breakaaaaa starts today , OFFICIALLY.

As I've mentioned that yesterday was my last class of Semester 2. I was wondering hard, why these people STILL studying in the metro on their way home from class this afternoon. I thought the semester JUST over, everyone is in good mood or holiday mood (or maybe just me). To my surprise, I see a lot of students holding their notes and studying. I keep asking WHY. And after thinking for some minutes, I think I know why.

Well, now that I remember my first paper is just 10 days away.

Still we need a break. At least for me, I need a few days break (maybe 3) before start studying for my finals. Using long period for preparing exams doesn't mean you can cope whatever you need to, and if you've cope all shits you need to, doesn't mean you can remember or understand them all. Its all depends on individual, how much time you need to study, some people need less, some need extremely a lot, and for Kubi, I just need an average. Too little time makes me unprepared, and too long creates me boredom studying the same thing over and over again.

After so many incidents happened previously, I believe I've learned that grades are not so important after all. Like what my dad always remind me :
Either you get the highest mark or the lowest you will still be a doctor, its just the matter of luck and flow sometimes. And with better grades doesn't show that you are better (sometimes he added). So, give yourself a break and enjoy the final year of your study life! To my dad, Kubi is already a very good girl and she always listen.

Yeah, in less than 1.3 years I will be graduating thus I will make my
student life more worthwhile (it is worthwhile all the time lol =p). And I know I am considered as a study-happy-go-travel-buy-crazy-party-student.
Who's better than me? I am grateful =)
"Out of thousands unhappiness in your day/life,
there must be at least ONE thing that make your life colorful&worth for.
When you are unhappy - think about ...
ONE thing you should smile in the next second

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yipeeee XD

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Again a "Yipeeee XD" post, guess you guys familiarized with this post-title already =p
Why a Yipeeee XD post?
Not entirely Yipeeee but almost Yipeeee laaaaaa haha!

Friday will be the last day of semester 2, but today - My generous teacher decided to end our semester TOMORROW! YIPEEEEEEEEE . . . I hope he is generous to gimme my credit also =p Tomorrow is my last day of the semester! I am DYING for it. I just hate traveling 3 hours to and fro to an isolated infectious hospital every morning 7am, who love to travel so far just for classes? I bet NO ONE! But we have to.

And starting from tomorrow, I will be having exam break! Needa sit for 3 papers and then officially I'll be having summer breakaaaaaaa ! Can't wait!

I should be getting "real" exciting about my state plan but to my surprise, I am thinking about home more. Missing home. I will be in Malaysia in less than a month time IF I choose to go back. But instead, Kubi is flying over to another continent which is now seriously infected by Influenza lol =p This will be also my farthest trip ever from home!

I hope I made a right choice.
And say NO to Influenza.
Not Kubi and Danbo PLEASE.

Oh yeah 4 hours evening nap is a must! Let's sleep XD

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Starlite Diner

7 Anti-Kubi
Silent and cold night + study boredom + laziness - There you go our dinner at Starlite Diner!
Ma new favorite drink - Mojito XD
I have been complaining many times to dine in this restaurant because so far I've only heard from others but I've never try in. Finally the FCs made up their mind and 5 of us dine in for Sunday's dinner. A very american-based restaurant you can find in Moscow other than TGIF and American Bar. Atmosphere not as good as I thought. Food below average. Price reasonable. But definitely again a happy dinner!

We didn't manage to take a lot of nice pictures, and I think the food-pictures are always nicer than us lol =p Due to the weather and also its Sunday ( I have school the next day), we didn't go for a walk and instead headed home right after the dinner - I do feel a little guilt because I said I am gonna study when they asked me what am I gonna do when I got home. Errmm, obviously study, what else?!?! LOL =p

Big Shawn Burger
Consider the best order of the day but not a perfect one.

Cowboy Starlite BurgerPork ChopBaby Back Ribs
I think this is a "tradegy",at least TGI serves better ribs!
And I think Kubi can oven herself better lol =p But the coleslaw nice.
Taaa Daaa ~ Kubi & DanboHe has been longing for this shot lol =p
Can't imagine I am actually older than them =(
Pau and Kubi - I chose the " thinnest" face of yours lol.
And she looks so pretty with her make up and I look like I just got up from bed.

2 best-hensem-richest-smartest-cutest-guys in town!
They are available now lol =p
"Chicken" photo - Failed because its ugly!
Kubi is longing for this coming weekend's outing, again 4 more days before I end this cycle and semester - its really torturing! And I feel people around me starting their holiday already- maybe I am just being sensitive haha!
Next weekend, I wanna go Zoo & Forest BBQ XD

Updated : I am slightly happy because Moscow has 2 confirmed swine flu cases keke, at least I feel everyone is in danger now, not only me haha. And going to the states is a MUST since I've paid so much for the flights, and - perhaps in a month time, this pandemic disease will spread all around the world, no matter where you go, you might have risk getting it. But I am aware that USA has a higher chance to get infected la.
Any idea where to get the hard-cover-plastic-mask normally use by police or bomba haha? I wanna get one too LOL =p The normal mask I use in hospital, I feel they are too flimsy to be useful.

-Gotta continue my reading-
How many Kgs I might gain if I eat American food everyday in states?
I can't imagine myself.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Danbo is just the right name for him

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Don't you think Danbo is just too cute???

I decided to change Goku to Danbo. Who is Goku and who is Danbo? Now they are the same ONE person. I changed it just because I feel that Kubi needs a cuter-partner-name-Danbo.

Updated Kubibloggy characters
Kubi and Danbo copyright by Hocus Pocus.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Final week of the semester

4 Anti-Kubi
This week gonna be the final week of this semester, and then I will be having 3 papers until end of June before leaving for summer break!

And this final week is the most torturing one I think! Maybe because I am already in holiday mood plus this cycle is busy and not so interesting. I hope I can get the credit last day of my cycle, else Kubi will be only napping in her hut and be antisocial. LOL =p I hope everything goes well.

Today went for dinner at Starlite Diner with the FCs, but d
ue to the gloomy weather, raining - we cannot walk around for pictures, and the food only average so Kubi might not be blogging about it.

But no matter how bad the weather is, how bad is the food ~ there's always one thing I'm happy with - 5 of us went out together as happily as usual.
And also my mojito! My new FAVORITE drink!

Off to bed now. FIMA !

Friday, May 22, 2009

Am I still in mutism state?

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I am not clear myself.
But one thing for sure is, yes the thingy still haunting my mind. Loitering around my brain tissues.

Life goes on as usual, you see Kubi smile and laugh as usual, you
see her serious face every weekday as usual, you see my most "ganas-morning-look" every morning every weekday as usual. I talk cock as usual. And you see my most acute stage killing people if my sleep being disturbed. But deep inside, yeah I am still in mutism state.

I am a sudden-girl not a cover-girl lol.
Never go through incubation period, straightaway you'll always see acute symptoms, and after all the symptoms dissappear, you will see me reverse back to incubation period or period reconvalense, and exacerbation is anytime, anywhere.
This proven I have real low EQ.

There are some people I hate to mention in this blog but sometimes these people really get on my nerves. I never complain being isolated by others but instead these people complained being isolated. We never force you out but your attitude walked you away from us. We shall never be blame because sometimes talking to you need us to think thrice, anything anytime you might get irritated and angry silently inside. As fast as lightnings and with no reason. Nobody is clear of what you are, but I am clear. I do not have to say them out because I am not interested to. To irritate and make Kubi angry is not as easy as you thought, because I have good immunity. Anger makes me tachycardia, heart burn - makes your life shorter, makes you look older.

I feel friendship is really something we should treassure and whether you have a good friend or not, its all depends on them whether or not to accept all your bad attitude and sometimes your bad attitude doesn't look bad on me. I can accept because I believe anyone might easily make a mistake, after all we all are human, and no matter how badly it is, as long as you are willing to change and be "real", you are always welcome and sorry is not needed. But the internal you - now still scares me away. And you have gone too far to come back. Shower yourself like Danbo and think about your life. Who is Danbo ? My new friend XD
But ONE superB happy thing happened today made by you, Dee. If you read this post, and refer back the email you sent me, you know why you made my day today. My girl now is growing in her life, doing what a teenager should lol and shes willing to share her life with others. No matter what, Chirobie (she prefer this compare to Kubi) forever be there for you.

A busy tomorrow - lots of shit to clear. Longing for Sunday outing =)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


0 Anti-Kubi
Kubi is unsound & flimsy.Puny physique.

Swine flu starts ruining my holiday from today onwards . . .

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Bad Friday

1 Anti-Kubi
I did something really stupid today. And I am sad.
Feel like tearing the book apart and burn it.

I am a very practical person and I always(only) do the "right" things.

Meaning ; not criminal ; do things with approval of other people, approval of myself, things under my principle - the right thing. Adding with bringing happiness to myself and others.
Many people said that we must make our own effort to strike for ; either something which is possible, impossible, belong or not to us. I seldom do that. Throughout my life, I always try my best before things happen, and the outcome always satisfy me. You can call this as LUCK. I do not fight over or beg for things do not belong to me or fight after things had happened. This is not me.

I do not like to stress myself for something unreachable. "Make impossible possible" - 5 years back I might buy this but now NO. I believe possible when I think it is possible - not you.I rather lay low and let the destiny master my life. But this doesn't show that I do not know how to put effort on works, just that I am not stubborn over impossibles. And I want to live smart. When I was younger, I always struggle with stress - Now that I've learned to manage expectations in order to get rid of stress. Expectations needed but minimize them.

How smartly you handle your life/tactics, you can never forget the principle of your life. Do not get too stubborn over it but never flush them inside the toilet bowl.

But today- I break the rules. I put my feeling at risk, I played my own feeling.
I failed doing them TODAY. Even so, this does not mean that you are better than me.

If I have higher EQ - this post never exist and today is a Good Friday.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Eat Paper Disease

2 Anti-Kubi
I wish I have this disease. EAT PAPER DISEASE.

So that I can eat up my notes now and eat up the long list of antibiotics + medicine I need to memorize. After eating it, I hope I will not digest it throught GIT. And I hope in some way my body bring them to the brain and digest them INSIDE the brain.

If in future, this "thing" exist, I'll be the first one try eating it XD

I am not crazy but if eating your notes can make you memorize EVERYTHING for exams, work and life, do you want it?
I WANT IT definitely!

Oh this disease really exist ok, and also known as PICA disease -

But what I've mentioned above are all nonsense. But I know animals love eating paper - at least Baba loves eating them. Baba is SV's toy. SV is the singlet-boy, the photographer DJ1.

Been having insomnia for 4 days (counting...). Too much evening nap and 2-3 hours night sleep. This is terrible.

I'll off to bed now. Try to sleep. Instead of counting lambs in farm, I'll count money =p lol Good Night.

-Light Off-

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Moscow

4 Anti-Kubi

9th of May - Victory Day of Russia. We all had public holiday on Monday, 3 days holidays including the weekends. HAPPY. Since after 2 exams I had April, stayed in the room everyday, study - missing most of the interesting activities people had out there. To be exact ever since winter break after back from my trip, never again we had such a pleasant break! Its not that I was having exam all the time, just that the weather NOT right. If I am not mistaken, last snow fallen onto ground in Moscow was 21st April this year. Awesome and tragedy at the same time, but also because of the long winter in Moscow people know how to appreciate spring and summer even better, at least to me - I LOVE SPRING & SUN XD At least I never complain much without aircond or about the hot weather. I am not worry about my already-very-tanned-dark-skin just because I love soaking under the sun now. But the only thing I hate is to suffocate inside the bus/metro/any public transport during summer. For those who don't know, we hardly have an aircond public transport in Moscow. So prepare your battery-electrical-fan IF you gonna visit Moscow or other European countries during summer (ESP ITALY & HK ! ! ! - BLOOOOODYY HOT) =p

Last weekend was really awesome! Friday we skipped lecture (oooppss) and we went for movie! Why am I so excited haha telling this. Well, my first time watching a movie in Russian language with no subtitles,
NO SUBTITLES beb and with bloody cheap price. For like Rub40 (RM4) from 12noon till (not sure). And if you love morning-movie, well you need to pay only Rub25 which is RM2.50 Cool isn't it? We chose X-Men - the main reason because its an action movie, thus we can understand the movie more regardless to the language and also because we do read comics about X-Men, thus point added. But to be frank with my russian level, I thought I would be able to understand for like 30% of the movie? But to my surprise 70% of it I can say. I am surprised myself! Hehe and overall, a nice movie. Not the best but a good one. After the movie, we headed to sushi lunch & then park-dating with FCs.

Sunday! We went
BDHX. Nothing much to say about this place as everyone familiar with this place already. Thus, enjoy the pictures! Oh btw, instead of taking our regular public transport the metro, we took a bus trip!

Their best picture of the day - for me.
Hes over-joyed with reasons.Our shadows =p

No idea why I chose wearing all black during such a hot weather -and I guess thats the only one of few black tops I have in my cupboard lol =p And the tanning effect ~ superB fast. Haha!

And guess what, Moscow has a new shopping mall! Located quite far away from my hostel but a bigger mall with more westernize concept. Things you can't find in other shopping malls in Moscow, you might probably find it there like Burger King! Metropolitan shopping mall. We window shoped for a while, dinner and starbuck-ed (they have 3 starbucks outlet in one fcking mall =p). Caught the last bus and reached home after midnight. Tiring but so far the best-spring-outing this year!

I hope this is not the end of my spring YET. Exams are near ( I hate to mention this!), but I have to keep reminding myself about it & make sure I treasure every weekend as much as I can =) And sad thing is the FCs gonna graduate very soon this June and I won't be seeing them again until next year. Thus, I must treasure more time with them until end of June before I leave to the states. Sound so gay =p

A long post but thats the end gaga =p This weekend I hope for better outing, with good weather I hope for
Forest BBQ! And perhaps night camping as well near the park? LOL =p

Off to bed and YIPEEEEE . . . Hassy Browny for breakfast again tomorrow ! ! !

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MASSAD Moscow 2009

6 Anti-Kubi
Insomnia + Gastritis - Thus I think I am gonna update a simple picturesque-post about the annual dinner which was held last 2 weeks in Moscow.

So E.N.J.O.Y ! ! !

Event : MASSAD Annual Dinner by Russian State Medical University Moscow.
Date : 02/05/2009
Venue : Radisson Hotel, Moscow
Guest : Malaysian Ambassador, RSMU Dean, Sponsors, RSMU Students, and etc etc plus FCs, Kubi & Pupu Fish =)
Organizer : 2nd year RSMU Medical Students
Outcome : Above average.
My partner & I
Pau & KubiJamie & IAngeline & ITryphena & IAlina The Sweet & IAnan & IJanet & ISwan Ling & IZazo & ILing Tze & IRomayne & ISV + His GurlsKubi + 3 Pupu Fishes =pFC Commitee With Da Hottest Ladies Next Door =pPau & SSMa Malay-Chics XDWith My Malay-Besties a.k.a Half Group-matesThe CouplesHottest Chics in RSMU maybe ? ? ? =pMy Group but IncompleteEVERYONE'S FAVORITE. *****
Everyone, ALL of them dressed up like angels.
It is not a usual thing to attend such a big gathering with my uni-mates and thus this event-MASSAD brought us ALL together and gave us ALL such a FABULOUS night.
My special thanks to my Make-up Sifu Pau, Fashion Sifu SJ, Photographer DJ 2 & The Womanizer DJ 1.

P.S : For those who is unable to get my thumbdrive with pictures, please feel free to save it yourself here, in FB or YM me. Cheers!

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