Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fallen Sick

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Kubi fallen sick. "Planned-task" failed.

Drinking plenty of water makes me feel even more sick! I am the type of person that you can hardly-screw-open my mouth for the sake of water and that is why I look dehydrated most of the time. Agree? Monotone skin, dry lips, peeling legs, and sometime greenish face & hand!
I am not kidding you. People... my friends, prove it to "them" I do look GREEN most of the time haha XD. Kubi is laughing... And a thin tiny green lady loosing few inches. When it comes to LOVE : I don't eat, he eats nothing. So hes thinner a few inches too. Excuses! He has no cooking-hand without Kubi, hes just too lazy.

Sighh. I AM SICK.

A new cycle this week and the same one in coming 2 weeks. Gynaecology, A specialist that I always afraid getting into it. Afraid of not blood or women, but the JOB. I believe most medical students feel interesting when it comes to this subject esp when you have so many hand-on practice job, but the more I am doing it, the more I am worry, I start liking Gynaecology. I have this thinking since I was in my Year 2 study, my first attachment in Gynaecology back in Malaysia which is quite interesting and fun. When I start to feel interest in this specialist, there is when I start to stop myself from "liking" it.


I don't know why. But I just don't wanna be a Gynaecologist. And even once, I told my mum : "I always get what I said I don't want. Like swearing for not being a doctor when I was younger. So, make sure you whack me hard from behind when I tell you I wanna be a Gynaecologist years later". And thats not enough to wake me. Friends, please find some "jampi-master" IF one day you found me as a Gynaecologist.

Well, this is an exam-cycle subject. So I must get a little bit more serious on it by start or continuing my notes for exam. No matter how badly I don't want to get involve in this specialist BUT I am aware that I still have to work in this department for 4 months after I graduate. 4 months at least. 4 months for good IF they decided to throw me to other department for my longer Medical-Officer servant.

OK. Kubi is sick. Better get on bed after medication.

P.S = Now I notice, I've never blog about "My Thots" for more than 3 months!
And something comes into my mind when I was surfing some famous bloggers lately, is that, the famous bloggers are not about food/recipe/travel/medicine BUT a full time LIFE-BLOGGER. You know, a blog where a blogger write about her /his own life everyday, I mean EVERYDAY life, like how many times of constipation they have, how many people annoys them each day and etc etc...
Why other people get so interested in some other people's life? Thats the miracle of blogging ? ? ?

04:00 ---> My nose TOTALLY blocked ! Unable to sleep =(
05:15 ---> When I can't sleep, my brain starts to generate numerous funny but weird yet unanswered questions. Study Dilemma.
06:00 ---> Slapped myself to bed.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Post-CNY Mood

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I had 3 days holiday at home: weekend + today Monday, Men's Day.
Happy Men's Day to all the men in Dom39 + around the world haha!

So throughout the holidays, surprisingly I did not do my routine job : sleep & eat, but to bake cookies! I don't remember when was my last time baking cookies, let me count . . . like 4 years ago? Or 3 years.

So so big thank to Goku for the big oven, at last now I can make full use of it, to not only bake cakes but alr various of cookies. Actually I own this oven for half a year already. But not too bad eh, at least I bake cakes =p

This weekend : CNY Cookies ! ! ! <Late better than never> =p

I planned to bake few varieties of cookies, but end up, I only baked Cornflakes cookies and Butter cookies + helping Pau with her other 2 types of cookies : Pineapple tart and Kuih Bangkit. Her cookies sounds more interesting, harder to bake and nicer to eat eh? Haha! Yeah, so we successfully baked 4 types of different cookies =)

Cornflakes Cookies
Butter Cookies topped with almondPineapple TartKuih Bangkit

And also I have roasted the peanuts, but because of timing, I guess I will only bake Peanut cookies next weekend. Plus Pineapple tarts! Because me fell in love into Pau's Pineapple filling!

Ouuwww, I have so many things to bake haha! Egg Tart too ! ! !

Before ending the night, I baked a Chocolate brownies too. And after baking brownies for the very first time, now I know why brownies always serve warm in cake shop. Because brownies turn hard when it cool down haha! So, only serve brownies when its warm. And because of this reason, I dare not let anyone try my brownies because I assume no one will microwave a cake when you give them a try. So, to prevent them from eating a hard-rock brownies, I decided to keep it all to myself haha! The recipe is not too bad, I love eating it after re heat.

The end my holidays & tomorrow is a new fcking day = A school day (- -)
I am looking forward to bake my weekends again!

My Favorite FB Wall

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Ian Yong wrote at 4:03am
Me : Happy Valentine's Baby
Kubi : ZzZzZzzz~~~ *Snoring*
Me : (-_-)"

Friday, February 20, 2009

Homer In The Midway Of Nowhere

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Midnight hanging online, for only 2 reasons : Either I have to make a lot of studies or I have nothing better to do a.k.a Insomnia.

The ex-Kubi always make full use of her time, take every second as an advantage, to prepare herself well with notes & material for exam. Like doing notes for the coming exam at the end of the sem which is always 3-4 months away. But the recent metamorphosed Kubi, shes no longer so discipline. Its not because that she doesn't want to, she is just unaware. She rather read novel than her surgery text book.
Oh when oh when she will start working . . .

Sometimes I feel I have grown mature. In terms of, I can really cope my stress amazingly well, but she doubt if she ever stress! Nah, maybe her brain has shrink to a smaller size like Homer which has an originally small brain. Hehe.
But being not stress is nothing so bad, right ? La La La La Glurp @_@

And when oh when I will start working, and where oh where I shall start on ? ? ? The latter-biggest problem now.

Homer oh Homer . . . He is not smart but at least he bring laughter O_O

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Be My Valentine

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Out of my expectation, the restaurant is nicely decorated with heartly-shaped-balloon, candle-lights, and flowers. The interior design is not bad at all, at least we get a seat with a cosy sofa, non-smoking area + window-view which is isolated from other customers, which I find it good for some privacy. On that night, we did not queue up for seats, nor pre-book a seat. I bet most of the restaurants in Moscow need a pre-book during any festival and sometimes even weekends, booking is always needed. Maybe because the location of this restaurant is not at the center of Moscow.

So, the night of my valentine was celebrated at this highly rated, nice & affordable restaurant serving one of my favorite cuisines, the Japanese cuisines at Ichiban Boshi, Moscow. Here you can find most originally dishes on the menu, a restaurant which is originally owned by a Japanese. I would highly recommend sushi roll with unagi & soft shell crab. The prices are reasonable, though a little bit expensive compared to the other Japanese restaurant I've been to in Moscow. And sadly said that the Kubi top-rated Japanese restaurant has been pulled down to the 2nd because I think this restaurant, Ichiban Boshi deserves to be at 1st rank. And by the way, Kubi's rating counts not only on the food but the price.

Food were nicely served by a few very nice and friendly waitress.
Hook on the menu
My Valentine
Me likey the heartly-shaped-balloonMy favorite Green-TeaThe First Piece
And as usual before start eating, as I stopped Goku from taking the food, I will grab the chance start taking a few photos for blogging. When it comes to food, I can't resist myself from sharing with others. So here it goes :
Japanese Curry Rice
Delicious Soup with Crab Meat
Dragon Unagi Roll - A thick, sweet, & juicy Unagi you must try!Ebi Salad Roll - The texture of the rice I find it amazingly delicious =pTempura Ebi Mae Mae with Salad SauceSoft Shell Crab Roll - Give it a try ~ Me likey a lot !Green Tea Ice Cream - Kubi's must-order desert

Overall, I love all the food we ordered and had a wonderful dinner. Dine in Ichiban Boshi and you will feel the difference!
Conclusion, I had a wonderful night spending a simple dinner, already count me the best whenever he is around me. I should have dedicate him a song or write him a love song lyrics and blog about it but too bad I am not a too romantic person, so I guess blog about food is still my favorite things to do!

Happy Valentine's Day !

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Valentine

1 Anti-Kubi
I always wanna update my blog as often as possible, esp when it comes to a nice festive like Valentine's Day but too bad, I am really lazy to fire the nerve and start blogging about it. I shall not always say everyday is a busy day in fact, I am free since my new semester started till now ( at least), but just not today.

Came home from hospital, straightaway to birthday lunch, back surfed my lovely net, did patient history, went loiter at friend's room, and end up cutting cake time at 11-02. And now its already 1:00 am. I shall go bath and get ready to sleep, as I don't wanna be late for conference tomorrow like today, I don't wanna run my ass off on top of the slippery snow/ice/muddy-dirty-watery-like-shit-street.

I will still blog about my Valentine's Day, share you a nice restaurant to hang out! Another one in Moscow!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Semester

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A new semester. Today my 2nd day.
Sometimes I feel the time passes really fast, sometimes I blame why the time moves slow.

I am not ready for new semester, new challenges, new stress and new + harder exams. At times, I felt that the t
ime being unfair, wanting us to work so hard for exam, work so long, work so badly but end up the holiday just 2 weeks. I had not enough.

The other hand, I want myself to graduate fast and leave this cruel place but the other hand, I don't want to miss my study life. I am such a greedy girl. But can I be greedy for once ? ? ?

I hope I don't continuously feel depress for no reason. I have hell lot to worry, I know, and I can't bear myself from being emotional all the time, YET for nothing. I admit sometimes I am a little bit too crazy over things. But luckily, I still own my personal space, own room now, I guess that is my only motivation. And things would be harder if I were not here in my own room, I knew it.

Oh, I have apathy. I have no desire to sort out pictures taken during holidays, no desire to find out about new semester, no desire to go school. But I have desire to sleep all the time! ! ! XD

So, I shall really chin up! <again, I said this> (- -!!!)

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