Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bday @ SportBar Moscow

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Happy Bday to you, Happy Bday to you,
Happy Bday to Baby Bet, Happy Bday to you ... lol =p

Celebrated Danbo's Bday at Sport Bar, located at New Atbratskaya street, inco-operate with Yakitori sushi restaurant, serve good sushi-s.
LIVE football match with big screen and projector is one of
the reason make this place fun to hang out.
Also one of the reason why Danbo enjoyed his night so much
(before losing 2-1 hehe)
. And if you watch this match, I am sure you gonna say the winner SHOULD be Arsenal
instead of Man Utd lol =p
No bias seriously. Merely lack of luck.
Penalty, own goal sucks right?!?!

Oh yeah, Man Utd vs Arsenal.
The bar is FULL and 95% of the customers are Arsenal Fan.

A good thing right haha, at least for him.

And we enjoyed the sushi-s very much too. A good dine in.
-2nd part next up-

Friday, August 28, 2009


1 Anti-Kubi
28 August 2009 - My 5th day back here in Moscow. Waiting for the rest of people to come back and oh yeah, Welcome to Hell ! Haha XD
Don't hate Moscow people, love it !

Kubi-List :
1) Early morning at 8am for blood test.
2) Celebrate Danbo's Bday. Oh yeah, ITS TODAY XD
3) Mos-Lanka, Uni registration + Hostel, Visa application.
This will take like 2-3 weeks -___-

4) More groceries (Hunger. . .)
5) Can't wait to see bunches of new students
coming over to this suckybloodyhell place.

6) Updating my new travel blog. My 2nd blog after Hocus Pocus.
Oh yeah busy arranging photos and blogging.

7) Twilight Saga ! ! ! The 3rd book STILL.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


2 Anti-Kubi
My new travel blog -PigPick is now on the way.This blog is featured by Kubi & Danbo,
sharing their travel experiences throughout these years.
I have been longing for my own travel blog years ago,and I shall not
delay it anymore because this year will be my final year in Moscow
and as well it might be my final year travelling around the world.
I hope NOT.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back To Russialand

1 Anti-Kubi
Finally holidays are over. Finally back to Kubiroom, back to Moscow.Been unpacking since 2 days ago and STILL unpacking and cleaning.No more room for thingy and my room is bursting up soon.

Missing the states already. Been traveling for 2 months,
well its good to be back, at least my own room hehe =)

Next week gonna start classes. Oh yeahhhhhhhhh . . .

Time passes really fast.
Hoping for the best and yeah be positive XD

Hello school, Hello friends and Hello Moscow =)

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