Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another White Christmas

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Another white christmas and again this gonna be the last superB cold white christmas. You might notice starting from now all my activities/celebrations gonna be the final one in Moscow. I don't think I will come back to Russia again after graduating next year, never to be more exact. Well, like any other year nothing specially made for christmas this year, just a simple dinner, just the 2 of us.We went to Starlite Diner. An american-chain restaurant. Famous of its interior but not the food. Haha. At least to me LOL the food are always under average. And I think this gonna be my last dining-in. But our christmas night wasn't bad at all XD

There you go . . . ma-favorite Mojito =) and oreo milk shake.
Appetizer the Chicken Caesar Salad . . .The Big Shawn BurgerStarlite MeatLoaf*****
Merry Merry Christmas ! ! !

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Solstice 2009

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"Solstice" is derived from the Latin phrase for "sun stands still." Or better known as "Tang Yuan" in chinese.

That's because—after months of growing shorter and lower since the summer solstice—the sun's arc through the sky appears to stabilize, with the sun seeming to rise and set in the same two places for several days. Then the arc begins growing longer and higher in the sky, reaching its peak at the summer solstice.

Being the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice is essentially the year's darkest day, but it's not the coldest.

Throughout history, humans have celebrated the winter solstice, often with an appreciative eye toward the return of summer sunlight. The night on this day is the longest during a year, so “Winter Solstice rice ball” are made at this night. And the rice balls are must ate by couple for good luck. If two balls are left at last, the married will have all their wishes; if one, the unmarried will have success. Fruits and food are used to sacrifice to the ancestors.

The solstices occur twice a year (around December 21 and June 21). I grew up in a family celebrating only once a year and almost every year I celebrate this festive a day after my birthday. The night after my birthday I remembered helping my mum making solstice balls with various of colors - red, white and green. After praying the next morning, solstice balls must be ate by every family members. Said it is for good luck plus whoever ate solstice ball - you are a year older. So gosh me, I am a year older (once more) after my birthday. How sad right Hee.

But trust me, nobody dislike eating solstice balls because they are simply delicious. I made my own solstice balls, counting for the 6th years already. And my favorite solstice balls with red bean paste/peanut/black sesame seed filling and serve with soya bean! Its really yummy yummy =)

TaaaDaaaaaa . . .

Pancho Villa

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This is my 3rd time dining in ~ one of my favorite restaurant in Moscow ; Pancho Villa serves the best mexican food, at least the best I ever had and even better than those I had in the states. Love the interior, the services, the people and the daily latino-mexico performances.

My another birthday treat.

MY pancho favorite lemon lemonade
Appetizer - Chicken Nachos SupremoThe superB yummy salmon Pork Fajitas our all time favoriteDessert with Fruits Chocolate Fondue*****
I wish I could take more pictures but unfortunately my digi-camera is not working well and somebody claimed that SLR is a lil too much LOL =p Unlike the past, we rarely use tripod now. But anyway, memories are to be kept forever. This lil nut Danbo has always by my side for the past 8 years, used to my best best friend, and now still my very the best best friend cum darling. Thank you baby =) Btw, love your RL shirt *wink*

Oh yeah last but not least, again this year he baked me a cake. Not a cheesecake but a choco one! Again I am older by a year. I hate talking about age Heeee.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nothing Is Ever Simple

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What do you do when you discover you're the parts of the role
you're trying to escape?
Thats happen when you stuck in both person
and you are to be blamed.
Even without saying a word,
still being wrong for doing nothing wrong.
Friendship is not so simple huh.

In fact nothing is ever simple.

But one thing I can do is to ignore.
Ignorance is bliss XD

Saturday, December 26, 2009


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This gonna be my final birthday celebration in Moscow. I DO have a lot of good memories here and this birthday party is one of them. This year my birthday party was held at home unlike any other years, well-organized by my group-mates.
Nicely decorated room with colorful lights and balloon, thanks to the food, thanks to the haha angel-hair-band and most importantly biga-biga thanks to the presents hehe. I love the pink panther pajama & haha I love eating lobster LOL =p
Special thanks to these 3 angels ~ Thanks bebs !
Having a birthday party at home ( sadly in my hostel room LOL ) reminds myself a lot about home. Especially when I think of the food cooked by mum, miss eating 'birthday-reddy-eggs' and miss the crowd. If I were to organize a birthday party at home in future, I think nobody gonna come haha plus I am not young anymore. I really hate thinking about age! Heeee.

And I actually put on weight, I look so fleshy and meaty heeee =p Mum gonna love it.

Will be having another birthday dinner tomorrow with Danbo XD and I miss Pancho Villa so much! Gonna blog about it soon =)

Oh by the way, I am on hols now. New year hols + winter break. Not forgetting about exams, exam just gonna be in 3 weeks time, but I barely even started!

This is ~ Ice Crystals

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How Winter Is Winter

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The weather channel is always my daily first choice. My routine since first year in Moscow. It normally shows the actual temperature, feels-like temperature, snowing/sunny/raining/cloudy/thunder ~ and surprisingly tonight ~ It is shown -27C with unavailable other details and Ice Crystals? (I like this word). Heeeee. I am not sure why. Because its indescribably cold tonight ?

I still feel superB cold inside my warm room. No matter what shit you gonna wear on yourself, how bulky you gonna be, you will still feel cold (definitely~!).

-27C is cold BUT not the coldest I had in Moscow. Once it was below 40C. Said winter is a romantic season ~ well it is, when you love snow! BUT not at all when the temperature decreases to -40C. I really think russian should migrate ; even though they have already slowly migrating to countries with sunny beaches like Miami, Naples, Monaco, Nice and etc . . . Well they should migrate the whole country to somewhere else LOL =p

I hate winter but I am already missing it. My final year in Moscow.

Oh yeah, my graduation trip with my groupmates to Siberia seems to be in danger now! Haha XD I really doubt we will still go with such an indescribably weather. What do you say? There you go . . . Irkutsk, Siberia ~ you gonna stay or you gonna go, you decide =p

Campbells Soup

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Baby Jaden was born 09.09.09 and he is now 3 months old.
Can't wait to see this cutey-campbells-boy.Hes really cute right?!?! With his lil-dimply-dimple. A lil handsome guy I heart XD And I love his outfit hehe!

I'm Yours

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Video from this lil cutie dudey hits more than 4 million views, more than 30 thousand ratings and more than 15 thousand comments in one week time.

No offense but I do really think that asians are more talented. My current best example is Sungha Jung the fingerstyle guitarist. I heart him XD

Sunday, November 29, 2009

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Paranormal Activity

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Lately I'd been watching a lot of movies, thanks to the superB bloody crazy internet we've got here. SuperB superB slow, really slow haha ! Paranormal Activity. Since I was young, I am never a fan of horror or ghost movie esp when it comes to Korean's, Thailand's etc etc or maybe Japanese. The last time I went for a ghost or horror movie in cinema was 7 years ago, and that was also my only time watching horror movie in cinema! The tales of 2 sisters. It may not sound scary to you at all, but it was threatening my life for 2 months after the movie and from that time onwards I promised myself for not watching horror movie ever in a cinema! Sooner and sooner, my mum told me that I gotta train myself from watching'em since am gonna work oncall in hospital years later (what I worry the most all the time) but I ignored her because I thought they have no connections at all.

Until year ago, whenever there is a horror movie on screen, or said : the scariest ever, my friends always invite me to watch'em together - so that I won't be freak out. Even though I close my eyes with pillows most of the time, but still, out of 100, 10% I get to watch the horror part, not bad at all right. Plus, they are so generous to read me the subtitles haha!

Last week I watched Paranormal Activity and that was the bravest me watching 60% out of 100% haha! Well, you know why when you watch it - you gotta have patience and concentration, it is connected more to things happening in a normal haunting house and I think you should really watch it unless you have motion-sickness, then you shouldn't. Heee.
You might like it. To me, it is SO REAL. I didn't sleep well that night, had nightmares and I dare not get down from bed when I was already awake at 12NOON because the room is dimmed with curtain, and someone knocked on the door just like that scene LOL! Its a good movie you should watch, you might think it is 100% true-case but after googling them, well it's a fiction of course!

The movie haunt my mind again NOW while entering this post -____-

Alright cut the haunt! I
went for 2012 in Dome Cinema yesterday - well it's nice but not as good as I expected. Not impressive is the right word to use.


am having Endocrinology posting now. 5 more postings to end this semester. 1.5 more months for my winter exams and well 7 more months for my graduation! Not excited at all, instead a lil depress haha well I think I prefer study life MORE! I thought everyone prefer studying or will definitely miss their study life eventually after start working, not until just now, one of my friend told me, he prefer working Heee!

Dinner time!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

TB with smile

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Arise Of Winter

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I have YET to transfer most pictures but here I have some winter pictures I took this morning around hospital's compound. Some of the pictures are taken with hp-cameras as I've mentioned, so bear with it. And most of them taken by my lousy digi-camera. Its small and light (the only advantage I can think of) Heeeee.
I actually never blog about winter in Moscow before, EVER, I was surprised myself after such a long time, 6 years in Moscow. So,there you go some appetizers of winter!
This picture below shouldn't really be posted 'like this' because it was taken for some reason haha and I should upload one more picture (together) which was taken 5 years ago with the same people and same post.

It should be like some 'pic VS pic' LOL. I bet you will laugh, until . . . make sure your floor is clean enough for you to roll! Well, somehow I couldn't find the picture anymore but once I got it I will definitely post it up ~ Oh yeah 7 of us origin (sound really weird, like some products imported from~) from the same college before entering medical uni, counting more than 8 years of friendship. I do have friends lasting for more than 20 years, since childhood (I sound old) but well these 8 years - we, 7 cuckoos happen to be at my golden-age (my 20's). LOL. What to do, we stucked here for 6 years!
I don't know if you find the pictures are really that bad, I mean the quality but for me, I find it really depressing. I mean the pictures. Yeah winter is soooooooo depressing, don't you think so? To be compare with summer-time >.< Even my entry looks really gloomy, not colorful anymore. That is why I prefer colorful winter jackets because colors are needed!

Danbo shouted : I need new winter jacket!
Kubi replied : I need new winter apparels too XD

I should get my arse kickin' to transfer the rest of the pictures~ Btw, I am having TB posting now - It's DAMN BORING. It has been so long I'd never attended such an useless class. Everyday. I really hate this cycle to the MAX.

End Fall

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The beginning of winter, imagining myself being trapped in some frozen-hard-and-unbreakable sea-lake. Under it, oh yeah trapped inside. How much I've hated winter and snow in Moscow BEFORE, now that I realize I should start appreciating it. This is my last fall in Moscow. I am gonna miss it badly.

Today, the snow was exceptionally superB - - - - - SOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo NICE! Had some lousy pictures from camera-handphone but unable to post it here because the hps don't belong to me, so gotta transfer it later.

The end fall and beginning of winter, somehow I miss sun.

I miss summer.
I miss soaking myself under the sun.
Roast myself under the superB HOT sun.
I miss the feeling of humidity. I miss being sweaty.
I miss the ocean. I miss MIAMI >.<>
I miss walking along the sandy comfy beach.
I miss wearing slippers and sunglasses LOL.
And I truly miss people-seeing on the beach.
How badly I miss my last summer trip. You can feel it Heeee. My next or future few months' post updates will be full of whitey-snowy pictures. There you gonna miss my summer pictures and I miss them already!

What do you think IF I bring along my lousy digi-camera(DSLR way too big and heavy) everyday to hospital, take down whatever 'shits' that glance through my eyes along the way. A good idea,huh? 'Just a random thought' Night Babeh!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday Is The Day

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Friday is the day.
Friday is the time to treat yourself.
Friday is the time to make yourself happy.
Friday is the time to chill and rest.

Treat yourself with better shower, with home hair treatment, wash your face cleaner deep to the pore, use an extra minute to apply a lil more lotion around your body ; treat yourself with better food, better cooked-food, or better restaurant ; treat yourself well by spending more time on movies, browse more websites, play some music, read some novels, hang onto some blogs and the most important is to treat yourself with sufficient of sleep.

Ouuuwwhhh Friday is the day!

And also today is the day where Danbo gotta start treating his eyes and throat. Often relapse from his bacterial eye and throat infection finally came to a real diagnose (Phew...). Relieved! Finally he got to know what to use and what to apply in order to either prevent or to cure doesn't matter as long as it never attack again. (We hope)

What a tiring day for me - surprisingly. I only went to school 2 days out of 5 because I was sick (Remember?) but I am still extremely tired and exhausted especially today. Went out for 12 hours. And I am now back home, treated myself with whatever I've just mentioned and now it's just nice sitting here entering this post and chill before be bed earlier tonight. Lately been having a lot of weird dreams sometimes sweet, really hope that tonight I can have a deep-deep sleep.

Let's yell together ~ FRIDAY IS THE DAY ! ! !

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Am A Sickass

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Been almost a week sitting home, sleeping home doing nothing. I am such a sickass, inanity - what a depressing week. After so many things had happened in my life for the past one week, I thought life would eventually be better but I was just merely hoping. With temperature, hoarseness of voice, running nose, stiffness of muscles, bloody diffuse headache really scared myself a little about H1 N1 - now as one of the top rank infectious in Moscow(too). Not only H1N1, only minor Influenza A causing really bad prognosis eg. closing schools and all.

Thank god, after soooooooo many days sleeping and resting home - I am much better now. My first time being home so many days for the sake of sickness, normally I do still go for classes unless I couldn't walk, but this time, I dare not risk my life getting any superinfection out there. My headache persist until now predominantly occipital part. I need NSAIDs everynight before bed.

Now and again, I need some good-looking pictures of the delicious food I couldn't eat NOW - at least to sweeten my saliva a lil vs. my bitterness of mouth resulting from overtaking drugs by skipping lots of meal. I am becoming a skeleton soon.

Look at the yummy yummy Tandoori Chicken with Beriayni . . .
and the Steamed Glutinous Rice with chicken a.k.a Loh Mai Kai I made last week. Make me DROOL right now.

Food can really make you FAT and happy at times!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Food And Mood

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Last weekend I had a 3-day-weekend and I did not really make full use of it - instead I just stayed home doing some easy cooking and baking. I really do heart banana cakes a lot. Well, banana cake is NOT a "superB" or a "WOW" cake but for me, it reminds myself eating banana cakes in the morning after my mum bought it back from morning-market and oh yeah with my favorite drink, soya bean. I love the taste of banana and I love the consistency of it. Its really yummy yummy and this cake I baked was really yummy too =p
Besides, it was also Halloween Day. Believe it or not, I stayed home again doing nothing. Not being invited or did not invite anyone over for some stupid under depression mood I had. And again instead, I made Chinese crullers a.k.a Yau Char Kuai. It is literally translated as Oily-Fry-Ghost. Hee. Most chineses know what's this - double crunchy thingy and I absolutely agree that everyone had tasted it, love this no-taste-oily-little browny long thingy. And also it is one of the most frequent-eat-breakfast for HongKies. It can be served with Bah Kut Teh, Congee, DimSum, Kopi-O and for me I love best eating it with Kaya. And etc etc more. After frying them, I ate it with Bah Kut Teh for my dinner XD

It's holiday tomorrow. AGAIN. And for some any other reasons, we might have our holidays until next week. Something funny happened today in the hospital, hmmm some said I have guts taking his hp number and some said he might think that I have some "fishy" things going on with him. Hump! Nothing like that haha. Not at all. He is married for god sake, BUT well I can't deny that he is cute, young and oh yeah hes a professor. O_O Your eyes are wide open too right? DENG. I took his hp for some reasonable reason okay =)

Hopefully good things gonna happen more after today. I'd changed myself to a more positive girl since don't know when which is a good thing but self-depression can't help sometimes. And a lot of things going wrong around me lately, back home and back here. I must make myself busy, keep myself happy to remind myself that I deserve a happy life better than anyone else! Yeah I really do. So, I think I am gonna cook more, bake more, sleep more and oh yeah study more to keep myself at work and stop being a worry-wart.

-Off to bed-

Oh yeah thanks for the huggies buggies kiggies from you know who you ( you guys) are. Heeeee.

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