Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Birthday Celebration 2008

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Kubi is officially 24, the 5th time celebrating my birthday in Moscow and the only year where all my group-mates attended my birthday dinner + friends. Thus, I had a fabulous day =) Due to the cold weather and compact study schedules, they decided to treat me lunch at a restaurant near our hostel, a new Japanese Restaurant "Mope Sushi", right after class. Interior + Food are nice, prices are reasonable and we had a wonderful lunch + gathering. I guess everyone enjoyed it, and especially myself.
Night time, as usual like every previous year, they came over to my place to sing me a Bday song + cake session, haha thus I asked Goku to wake me up 30 minutes before 12am, because I don't want to blow cake with a sleepy face, like what I did the past 4 years. So, I expected them to come and my stomach is waiting, and in fact all of us are hungry already. They hang in my room until 3am, and once they left I slept till noon time and continue my 2nd part of my BIG day XD
One of my bday present ? ? ?Over-joyed ? ? ?
2nd part of my BIG day is shopping =) Because I woke up late, so Goku and I went out around 5pm, shopping takes like 3 hours only, and we headed to TGI Fridays for dinner. I insisted TGI because its been like half a year I never again try the pork ribs, and this year I want my dinner to be more worthwhile to spend compared to the previous year, where Goku spent money on eating the interior, with bloody expensive food at 22 Sky Lounge! Thus, I suggested to spend half of what he spent last year to something more worthy... So there you go, My Pork Ribs~! We got home late 15 minutes before midnight, phewww.. We caught the last bus too! Its my lucky day!
Besides, Goku and I bought each other "early-christmas" presents. And I am loving it~!!! He is kissing his present too haha XD Not to forget about my birthday presents from friends, thanks people, I really like it! And the one from Goku, million thanks( oh not zillions yet!) because I really love it since the first time I saw it half a year ago haha!

And guess what, Goku baked me a cake!!! Strawberry Cheesecake with star-shaped pattern on the top, even though the star turns out to be like mess-up@marble cheesecake but I still like it XD So sweet of him =) Thank god, my oven is still functioning (I was praying hard inside the room while hes baking outside).
( The cake looks not bad at all huh? ? ? LOL)

Overall, I had a wonderful day!

And time to miss my family.....

Please tell me I still have "time" for my Christmas celebration (- -!!!)
Am waiting for Christmas . . .

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Freshest Post

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If you noticed all the posts in December are posted on the same day, today! Haha I am such a procrastinator, I updated my blog ONE SHOT GO. Well, I am really too busy... LOL

So, this post is my freshest post, today! My weekends are all about cooking, I can't think of any else to do, other than cooking, baking, studying, surfing, and sleeping. Oh one more, FC-ing. Yet to update about the December FC's Feast, that will be later.

Today I made No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake and Egg Tarts! I guess the egg tart was a success but the cheesecake turned out to be too melty because it is a NO-BAKE cheesecake, plus first time baking a no-bake cheesecake (- -!!!).

End up baking it for 10 minutes with medium heat, and end up to be the same, still melty! Can't help. But the taste still fine =)
I prefer my New York Cheesecake better!

Dozens Of Egg Tart~ They are yummy!

My Melty No-Bake + 10 Min Bake Blueberry Cheesecake (- -!!!)
These are also my deserts for FC's 2nd December Feast =)


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I don't remember when was the last time I made sushi. Due to my gastritis last few weeks, I was unable to join the FCs for dinner,the initial theme was Japanese.

Goku and I craving for sushi, thus I decided to make my day a Sushi-Day!

The Catapillar Roll
Even though the sushi turned out to be a little bit too moisture and soft, they are still nice.
Sushi is always nice!

And we invited the FCs to join us for supper =)

The Random Shots

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A random shot, view from my room. Dawn =)

Finally I've got all my 3 parcels last 2 weeks.Tons of my favorite instant noodles!
3 more parcel coming! Wooo Hoooooooooooooooooo...........

Dinner With The Girls =)

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Kubi decided to throw a small dinner with these 3 girls after such a long time for not having dinner together. It gets real hard to move their butt of the room, as 2 of them with bloody busy schedules + one crazy book worm. But this time they made it! Not a BIG dinner but small + happy. Dinner takes place in Kubi's Room =)

Menu : Herbal Chicken, Honey Grilled Chicken Wings From The Baby 3. Butter Prawn, Stir-Fry Brinjal With Belacan, Steam Fish From Kubi. Plus Apple Crisp For Desert =)
Soon after the dinner, I was invited by Angeline to her 2nd dinner the next coming Friday.
That was the initial plan!
I was over-happy because invited for eating this time, no cook! How many times, how many chances I get to eat but no need to cook, thats rare! But my happiness only last for few hours and at last, I need to cook too! They were planning for some Italian food and I was told to make dessert only, but due to my limited time, I was unable to complete my Blueberry Cheesecakes on time, thus I have to cook other stuff. I planned on Appetizer!

My food this time : Bacon Tri-Salad + Baked Nachos With Salsa Sauce

Looking forward for more dinner to come!!!

FC Feast

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As I've mentioned, my friends and I had numerous of food feasts every Saturday, cooking different varietes of food and cuisine. We, girls tried out a lot of new dishes and some really turn out to be "not-so-nice" but the FCs still appreciate all our efforts by eating till the bottom of the plate lol. But well, most important is we really enjoy our gatherings, releasing stress and forget books, and its a real + fast effective anti-depression method, plus sharing our "stories" together LOL. But we seldom gossip! Haha LOL

Feast Nomer 1 :
Main Dishes : Nestum Chicken, Kapitan Chicken, Butter Fry Prawn, Char Siew & Stir-Fry Long Bean With Belacan.

Desert : Apple Crisp & Luk-Mei Tong Sui
Ever first gathering in Kubi's Room
Apple Crisp By Pau
Ohhh.. My Memorable Cup... LOL
Feast Nomer 2 :
Main Dishes : Siu-Yoke By SV The Singlet-Boy

Feast Nomer 3 :
Main Dishes : Nasi Lemak +
Anchovies Sambal, Fried Chicken, Minced Pork With Salty Fish, Asam Squid & Gelangal Sambal Prawn.
Desert : New York Cheese Cake
By Pau The Desert Madam
Feast Nomer 4 : Main Dishes : Kukus Sampan With Tomyam & Chicken Soup Base
Desert : Not Available Because Our Miss Desert Spoiled Her Oven After The Water Bath (for the previous NY cheesecake lol)
Over-cooked Cutie Squid

I don't have to mention the Singlet-Boy =p

Feast Nomer 5 :
Main Dishes : Mamak Food ( Satay, Prate With Curry Chicken)
Kubi's Chicken Satay With Pau's Peanut Sauce
SV's Prata + Kubi's Curry
Provocating Factor Of Gastritis... VOT!!!

Feast Nomer 6 : Main Dishes : Home Rest, Gastritis LOL

Feast Nomer 7 :
Main Dishes : Hainanese Chicken Rice, Char Siew & Siu Yoke
Desert : New Miss Desert, Miss Kubi With NY Cheesecake XD
I Am Not A Good-Health-Taker =(Kubi's NY CheeseCake =)

Feast Nomer 8 :
Main Dishes : Photos Not Taken
Desert : Our Cocktail-Boy Mr.Gan
There goes the Saturday-s in 2 months.

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