Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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Miss Ching Mun, this gotta be hard I tell you haha ~ I don't really know what tag is, and I see many people around me "tagging", so maybe I should get a try too ~ But the toughest is to list the 8 ppl I wanna tag at the end LOL.
Here it goes.
Got a tag from Ching Mun

The Rules
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

Random Fact 1
Determine, Discipline & Bloody Frank which I think its bloody cruel and bad.

Random Fact 2
Things I hate the most = People nagging me @ repeat word/question more than 1 time.
And there goes my 2 favourite words : "Anything" & " See How First".

Random Fact 3
Things I never stop doing = Traveling & Eating. And I put expectation on it.
And I don't deny I love shopping. And I accept complains from my bros & sis about my over time-consuming shopping activities.

Random Fact 4
My biggest achievement = Parents happy to have a doctor at home. And I love my job.

Random Fact 5
My Pyscho = Guilty for being a no good grand-daughter (I can't do much because I am not able to). Missing them is a routine.

Random Fact 6
I fear I pray. Beliefs strengthen my soul. Master my own destiny is what I call Life.

Random Fact 7
Insect I fear most is Butterfly because it flies and lands on my flower hair band.

Random Fact 8
Listen to many, Speak to a few. Thats the best way to protect myself.

The toughest thing...People I wanna tag :
1) Irene
2) Bret
3) Goku
4) Kelvin
5) Eddy
6) Amy
7) LCFu
8) Yau Chai
Randomly I picked 8 ~ Are they responsive???!!?? Haha ~

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Talking About Cars

4 Anti-Kubi
What Is Your Dream Car?
When such question being asked,I am sure many of us will list numbers of different varieties of luxury cars we dream for. But how many years do you have to earn enough to get yourself a real dream car?
As for me, I guess many years =) The higher you expect, the longer it takes.
But there are most lucky people in the world having their dream car once they get their ass off from the secondary school. And even if its not their dream car, BUT they have at least something to drive on, they don't have to wait for buses or metro. Well for people like us, like me studying abroad, I guess that will nvr happen to me, Yeah I have to take buses, metro and walk LOL. Everyday. Unlike the Mr. Mr. Mr. Car back home!
Dd Mr.Benz ,R Mr. Kia, B Mr. Honda Wannabe
My bros are damn lucky having their own car once they started colleges ( esp when they have a daddy who knows well about car, whom dislike proton). But I don't get jealous, I don't get unhappy because I know he definitely get me one if I were to study in Mal.

And today I dreamed something real bad. Awaken with unknown tears & fear. Quickly I wanted to call home, but due to some reasons, I have to wait till evening.So,I told mum about it and instead she told me, everything will be fine and its a good news instead. Yeah, again they bought a car.( Thats the good news?? No lor... )
And the trick is to tell me the car belongs to me when I am in Mal, thus I have to spend a little lesser to help to pay on loan ( Hah Hah ~ Thats the trick! I know you dad!) LOL. Too bad I am not dumber. Keke =)

But today mum made up my day =)

Perhaps am thinking too much, but getting 3 cars in 3 years sounds a bit crazy ~ I hope for lesser shocking news back home about new shops or cars, BUT if got new house, I WANT!!!
There is no way to repay your parents, the only way is to live your life fullest.
And be good kids, do all your studies & do not complain ~ Clear Bros??!!?? Play less on new "useless" gadgets, stick your butt to the chair and open eyes widely and STUDY!!!

How badly I wish to be home ~ Will I regret on my US 2009 plan???!!??

Update from comments : This car picture is not my dream car. Do I look so OLD? Haha ~ Only my dad loves driving it!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Run Away From My No More Cozy Room

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How I wish I am alone for many reasons.
Noises that wake me up from sleep, noises that distract my studies, noises that interrupt my privacy and noises that continue noises after midnight. And don't be surprised that noises can be created by just flipping a few pages of papers, by closing the door and from walking steps. Don't ask me if thats a gorilla nearby?

I am praying to have a better sleep tonight & a fresh new morning tomorrow. How badly I wish my sleep will not be distracted in the middle of night ~~~ Bad things always happen when you have not enough sleep. No mood? Can't study? Feeling nausea in the metro? Can't concentrate in class? Migraine & Frustrated!!??!! And I always get sick.

So people, please remember to get enough sleep and do not study all over the night (IF its not a MUST =p) LOL

But one thing, noises do not distract my appetite!
Almond Banana Pancakes with chocolate syrup + cinnamon toppings for brunch =)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Miss Him

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Almost 2 years back by now, hes gone.Time can never be rewind, He is always in my heart ~
God, bring away my guilts & please strengthen my soul.
We miss you, We love you =)

And hes a cute grandpa =)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Someone I Missed Badly

2 Anti-Kubi
Question Of Every Second In My Mind

What is Death?
Never there is a definite answer!!!

Love is stronger than death even though it can't stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can't separate people from love. It can't take away our memories either. In the end, life is stronger than death.

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

Thus, start appreciating every single one beside you, especially those who loves you =)

I miss my grandpa badly, still, always in my thoughts & I am not able to bear (IF) any other coming shocking news abt death when I am so so far from home. I hope the old ones stay healthy always =)

80 more days to be home...

Regardless to various of religion, one basic concept is that we believe the existence of God.
When you fear, You pray =)

And the funny part abt this post, Do you want to know when you will be dying? Haha ~ Check this out!
Death Clock

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Routine Life~

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I don't know why, lately I've less time for blogging. Perhaps I don't want to blog. Haha. Maybe I've always got more important things to do or more things to work on, like copying notes than start typing a post here. I don't know why there are so many people get popular through blogs but well, I don't think that will happen to me, because I have a pretty routine life in Moscow. If everyday is holiday, everyday I can travel all around, I guess its not hard to be popular through blog since I like to write and read too. And in fact things I like to do like reading novels, I don't have time for it. Nah, I know its all crap, its all just my own bloody excuses! I've got more and more lazy to upgrade my own personal life and putting too much time in my study and career. Even if I browse online, its all about diseases or things connected to my studies. Yeah boring... What a humdrum life I have! But seeing every blogger in my list updating their post at least few times a week made me a little of envy. But the fact is, actually I have no information to blog on! Thats my prob. I bet it will be really uninteresting seeing my post about stress study life or about my bloody lecturers, thus I really have to say, I have nothing to share. Hah! And I am not fancy about taking pictures all the time, unlike years ago, bringing camera everywhere, snap each and every interesting I see, but now, nah~ LAME!

So basically, the 2 damn weeks gone by and everything has come to the end ( I don't have to remind myself, its all just the beginning). So everyone got through the cycle successfully and as what I've mentioned earlier, we don't wanna see that god damn teacher ever again in our life~! But I know, things we don't want always come near. Thus, taking all the challenges in life now is like learning and teaching ourselves again and again, and perhaps we will learn smarter and I always believe in process of life, more is always better than less =) The best word to describe her : Bitchy. I don't buy her even she seems better to me or to us this semester! Nah, "touch wood" ~ Exam yet to come! LOL =)

Since after the cycle, all of us, especially me get addicted of finding ways to treat myself better like sleeping for 15 hours a day, having good meal outside. Need not to mention about Mcd, food like sushi, korean food ~ Gosh... How can I find way to treat myself better! Eat Eat Eat ~ Yeah $$$ needed haha. I wish I have more to spend on food! But only today I am feeling better, been sick for 7 days since the therapy cycle. Fever at 38.6C for 5 days. And associated with cough, flu, head dizziness, headache, chest muscles pain. My feeling being a patient : Terrify! Had an injection for reducing my temperature, thats the most most most painful injection in my life ever! My tears shed. And I am so worry being infected by the patients in the hospital, when I have so low immunity, I don't wanna get superinfected. BUT how? No how. I still need to go for classes everyday! And now, PHEW... Finally I am getting better! But I hope the bad weather don't make me sick again.

So so so... I have nothing more to say and in fact my everyday life is uninteresting! Tomorrow new cycle, Neurology =) And oh yeah, am currently addicted to House MD~! I love him =) I watched 17 episodes in 2 days time~! Cool? LOL :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Life In These 2 Weeks

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Been such a long time since I last write a post. Life has been so busy, and till now I am still so busy, but thank god its friday today! But why am I not sleeping now at 7am? Not sure why. I set my books aside =(

After the therapy cycle last semester,thank god every of us passed through it. We had the toughest teacher,everyday slept for like less than 4 hours, studying, preparing for the next class so that we won't fail for everyday class and do not have to re sit for it in order to get "zajut" successfully. Well, everything went right~! And this semester,happily we will NVR get back the same teacher for the same cycle even we are still posted at the same hospital. And Mrs Grape is our teacher this time~! Thank god because we don't have to face the previous teacher. After the everyday conference as usual, we get to the room of our own teacher to start our lesson and as usual, first day will be history patient taking.

"Knock Knock", A Big Size Fat Lady dressed as if she is decent enough ... came in. Oh... Why are you taking my students? They are my students! Lets change the group, I will give you my group 47 and I will again teach my previous last sem group, she said. Everyone GOSH. Sat for some second. Finally moved to the next room. Everyone sat silently. Depressed! Sad! Stress! Full with questions. Why is she taking us again? What's the motif behind all the propaganda??? We don't know. But one thing for sure, when there is no demand, there will be no bribe! Russians love $$$, that is so true!

Fated to be with her for 2 weeks. Now, left 3 more days before to the "atestasis" (first part of exam), and 3 more days left attending her class!
"We won't wanna see you again in the rest of our life!" *Everyone thinks that???*
Thus, my life sucks!
with the things to do when you get so bored studying~! The story goes so...

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