Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tsaritsyno Park

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Tsaritsyno Park is a state museum reserve park located at Metro Tsaritsyno, heading eastward passing through the railway bridge. Danbo suggested this place because the girls don't want any shopping anymore like last weekend, thus we were exploring the parks over Moscow through internet a day before. And here we go - Tsaritsyno Park! A very HUGE, beautiful, and really nice park I must say! Credit to the weather in Moscow,was really too good on last Saturday, so we headed to the park late afternoon!
The huge fountain located at the center of the park.
The Main Grand Palace in Tsaritsyno. Around the palace, there are a number of pavilions, pergolas, arbours, artificial grottos, decorative bridges, and a Russian Orthodox temple “Source of Life”, as well as a modern recreation center with an upscale restaurant. For a long time most buildings were ruined (and alpinists used them for training). Recently most buildings have been "completed": rooftops, interiors and decorations have been added and their historical appearance has been altered. A number of buildings house the Russian museum of folk and applied art.
Russian couples really love to celebrate their wedding ceremony in the park, I mean any park. Well, russian culture, I've seen a lot in many different parks, all these years and surprisingly I saw more than 20 couples in the park last Saturday. Most of them tagged along with professional photographers, family, relatives, champagnes, and oh yeah LIMO. Perhaps they do not have studio wedding photography session, but well nowadays most couples love nature. And I do enjoy just looking at them and they looked so beautiful and happy. And indeed it is an ideal park for such a ceremony =)

P.S : Moscow weather has never been better than this. This year. Mid of September I was expecting Autumn and lots of rain but surprisingly still sunny Summer day. I hope this season can last a lil bit more longer =)

Monday, September 14, 2009


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I never hated school this much . . . not until this year,
my final medical year. And WHY ? ? ?
My mind keep thinking about food, shopping, blogging, novels, movies and everything else except study -__- A good sign no?

Gotta enjoy student's life MORE before ending it in 38 weeks time.
All my golden ages/years are/were spent in Russia - and of course
the places I'd traveled!
I think am gonna miss Moscow even though I really hate being here now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jaden oh Jaden

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Baby Jaden on 09.09.09 =)
At 09:09
Lucky him!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Googling Fun

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A lot of people love to kill time online, nothing special or important in particular, browse and google. Everything everywhere, we love to google. Just type some keywords and there you go - GOOGLE IT !

When I was in states last month, there was a TV show tracking some home IP addresses and show-on-screen what people loves to google about, just to make fun of them, especially celebrities.

For instance, "Heidi + Divorce + Happy News" or maybe "Obama + Love Who + Sex Who"
( I said for instance . . .) - Oh yeah liberty! You can make fun of anyone!

Not often but sometimes I will log in to Nuffnang to see my blog-statistic online - This web can show you - your unique visitors per day/ per week and also which Nuffnang's member visited your blog, and who visited your blog ( for those with a blog), for those who doesn't have one, sometimes they google it online.

Like : irisechen.blogspot.com and the funniest thing is . . .

I saw this today :

Keyword Hits
memorise notes exam eat fish 1
sleep bed together with sofa and cat 2
facebook irritating fujitsu repair virus 1
going states train plane naked 2

Doesn't make sense at all - and surprisingly they found their "nonsense-search" on my blog by just googling them. This shows that my blog is nonsense too Haha XD

Hehm don't get offended "fish cat virus naked" hehe, do visit my blog again ! ! ! LOL =p Ease yourself by just typing : irisechen (deng)!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bday Couple

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Continuation from the previous post, as you can guess hehe . . .
A cut-cake occasion =p

My group 56 in Kubi room. Danbo's and LeeLee's Bday ended tonight.
Decorated with my lovely hair-band and cap XD
Bought them from Paris & Orlanda Disneyland.

SuperB cute right ? ? ?
Wish FCs were here. The 3 virgos SHOULD celebrate their bday together LOL =p
At least once - in future . . .

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