Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Last Summer

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My fingers' been itching to update a post and I'd been thinking so long because I have nothing interesting to blog about. And I am sure you are not really interested to read about my life in words, life that more than you should know. My brain never stop functioning, remembering myself how much I'd been missing my last summer trip in states. I really miss the stressfree carefree whateverfree life I had - the food, the companions, the beaches, the nature, shopping and etc. etc.

If I have ONE wish to be granted NOW - I wish I could to fly away for a long-long break (at least out of this room) BUT of course a-free-trip-all-in Hee. I wish everything I am missing right now appear JUST right in front of me. DAMN. It's really depressing sitting HERE. Please grant me . . . Please grant me . . .
Ma lovely delicious plate of Pigpick at Jimmy's BBQ NYC
I miss eating Hush Puppies. I really LOVE'em
The best roasted duck - Chinatown London
My favorites for morning Dimsum breakfastThe biggy longy snow crab I had in Crab Shacks . . . YummyA decent plate of Nasi Lemak with Anchovies & Prawn Sambal I cooked.The Florida Lobster at Sam Seltzer
Malaysian-Singaporean Food at Farmer's Market L.Angeles
A place where you can hangout when you are bored,
a place where you can watch all the blockbuster movies,
English cinema that you can NEVER find in Moscow.(How pathetic?)

Ziegfeld Cinema NYC
Oh My Oh Miami Beach - The BEST beach ever.The best people seeing beach,
the best ocean I ever had.
I miss soaking under the sun,
I miss roasting my skin on the beach.

The Niagara Falls.
The best ride I had - under the fall.The Maid Of Mist.

Goshhhh . . . My best road trip to Vegas. Best companions.
Shamu Shamu the killer whale XD
The most entertaining show in SeaWorld
The little cutie cutie penguins . . .
Most memorable fireworks at Magic Kingdom DisneyWorld Orlando, Florida
It was superBBbbrrr . . . Niceeeeeeeeee
Please GRANT me . . . NOW

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


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I was muddled by endless facts and diagrams, knowledges addled my brain. Stupid efforts I made, end up myself with a bleary mind. I have more than a few questions in my mind.

Why does human has a heart and why blood keep flowing in us? Wouldn't it be better if life can be improved by technologies, as in changing the world to a robotic-world. Robotic = no feeling = bad for you maybe or good for me or you I don't know. Nobody needa worry abt death and no doctors needa study about heart anymore. No emotions, no sensation, we might no longer feel happy but at the same time no longer feel pain or sad. No suicidal case in this world anymore because nobody that you need to care or to be cared.

If the creator (god or science, you choose) has decided to let heart beats in us, then why don't you create a book, ONE book with thousands or millions pages I don't mind - so that everyone can study the same one thing in same one book with a proper algorithm. No hassle. No confusion. Happy us. Happy me.

But facts really threw me. Best is to go bed and stop my machine. A bored day.

Friday, October 23, 2009


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My travel blog Pigpick (click here!) is
finally back alive ! ! !

Because only NOW I can upload picturesss without hassle.
The faster & better internet is back just days ago.

So welcome back & stay tuned . . .

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


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With the promising good weather last Sunday, we went out for a walk again at the same park we went last month, Tsaritsyno Park. We were expecting real nice view and trees but unfortunately we liked it average only. The leaves turned from green to yellow, orange, red or purple (earlier I assume), and it started to fall since days ago, left dried branches with a few leaves left on them.
But the lucky part is that we found (only) 2 trees which are nice - one with yellow leaves and the other with red. I really heart the red one very much. It was my best Autumn outing throughout 6 years in Moscow.
I LOVE the red onesMy favorite picture of the day XD
-Off to bed-

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Autumn Oh Autumn

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My last Autumn season in Moscow, and also my first time Autumn in Moscow! Hehe... Well its actually my FIRST time taking pictures during Autumn. Lotsa people love this season the best, but as for me I am not sure which one I like the most but definitely not the winter, in Russia. I do love Autumn too but I would love it better if lesser rainfall.

Autumn oh Autumn...
Only manage to take a few pictures because its kinda cold and windy. And hopefully the weather will get better - because I really need more Autumn's pictures XD
Uploading only 3 pictures take me forever with this new internet connection - really sucky. I uploaded them overnight and went bed! And..... publish now - The weather is sooooooo nice - Sunshine Sunday! Kubi is heading out XD


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Agar Agar a.k.a Jelly I made
during Mooncake festival weeks ago.
Fishy Fishy & Shells keke

Watermelon Jelly - a fail product, believe me my mum
can make it reaaaaaalllyyyy niceeeeee.

Homemade Yong Tau Fu
I think its really yummy yummy LOL =p
Tough posting just over yesterday, and finally
I have some time for myself and oh yeah,
I can definitely cook and bake more.

My cheesecake is baking right now.
Hoping the weather will turn better tomorrow,
I needa outing.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hari Raya 2009

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My final time celebrating Hari Raya in Moscow, final time attending open house at the Malaysian Embassy in Russia. Most of the students in my batch went - Not only to the embassy but also the-de-tour around Moscow! Not merely the food that we craved for, the gathering that we enjoyed so much ~ And oh yeah this will be my final year in Moscow, perhaps my final time celebrating Hari Raya with my batchmates. If you don't know, I am in my final year now.

Nothing much to say about the event and the venue because its (is always) the same as every year (throughout 6 years) but I guess this is my first time blogging about this event LOL =p But still, I prefer load you with more pictures XD than just typing.

The weather was really really really gloomy and sucky. Thus the pictures turned out to be as gloomy.

Well starting with my favorite picture of the day . . . They all looked so beautiful plus the angle of the picture, well my favorite of the day keke XD

MGU ( Moscow State University )
Cutest picture of the day - look at the kids mannn LOL =p
My group for the rest of my Year 6 =)
St. Basil Church at Kremlin
I don't remember how many times I took pictures with this church throughout these 6 years but definitely less than 10 times LOL =p
The guys are just toooo cute again -
of course I requested them to make such a gesture O_OVictory Square or whatever it should be called - "Park Pabedi"

Finally the embassy - Only now I noticed that I actually did not take a lot of pictures at the Embassy, afterall nothing so special in there, so decently 2 pictures are more than enough.

Our ambassador and his wifey
With this last picture - completes my post now.

Tips : Do not drink too much water at night, esp when you gotta take picture the next day - There you see my puffy-face!

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