Sunday, February 28, 2010

# 1 Happy Chap Goh Meh !

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I do find it a lil weird blogging about Chap Goh Meh while I didn't mention a shit about Chinese New Year YET. I did not celebrate Chinese New Year for 6 years already and hopefully next year I will be home for this festival. I am dying to be home. My brothers said they need me BADLY, at least for the night of eve. For those who are married in family will only be home by 2nd day of CNY. And they cursed me! So that I am not gonna marry so soon, they need me *wink* still.

So today is the final day of Chinese New Year, it lasted for 15 days and it was my final celebration in Moscow. This is how I celebrated my final-CNY ; Firstly CNY dinner group outing with my friends, and then 2) I had one week study for my exam paper, 3) on the 7th day of CNY, we had a reunion dinner at home. Reunion = family members but in Moscow, I had it with my block-mates (or better said ex). And then 4) next ; a poker face party with gallons of alcoholic beverages + a poker game? Heeeeeee. And last but not least, 5) a making of snowman!

I will name them bit by bit in each and every coming post. As for now, I would like to hehe let you see some of my cookies ! ! !

Home-made Pineapple Jam
My lovely pineapple cookies.
They are really yummy-yummy.
Tongue-melting pastry with pineapple-sweet filling.
Danbo's favorite. Kuih Bangkit. Or better known as Tapioca cookies?
Not sure about the name. I didn't like this very much.
Maybe because I didn't use the correct flour?
I bought potato starch instead of tapioca flour or
are they the same? I shall try again =)
Peanut cookies. They are yummy too. But a lil salty.
Eatable and lovable still =)
I made only 3 types of cookies. But in ONE day. Hehe. I was not free a week before CNY till the 5th day of CNY, I started baking. I had exam, you know why. Thank to those who came to helped me, oh especially helping me to peel the peanuts. One of those reasons why I hate baking peanut cookies.

Oh yeah, we gonna have a late CNY open house next week. I said LATE. Nothing wrong with celebrating a belated-CNY right? I guess nobody gonna mind. Unfortunately, it is open to only 6th year students XD Hehe and I am the organizer and . . . a baker.

Snowboarding Moskva

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When I say about winter snowboarding or skiing ~ automatically first place you guys gonna think of is Switzerland! Or maybe Canada? And please put Russia in the list also! We went snowboarding last month! I didn't blog for quite a while remember? Heeeee. So, this is my first time playing on a snowboard. I wouldn't say it is awesome. It was breathtaking XD If you like the feeling of acceleration, well this is the sport for you =p
I chose snowboarding because like I said, my first time =) I tried winter skiing once few years back. Skiing is much easier to control vs to snowboarding but I totally hate the boots. Boots for snowboarding are so much easier to wear and to walk. Can climb up the hill much much easier. This is also one of the reason why I snowboarded this time. If you do not know, well the length of the board is depend on your height and of course shorter person like me, can manage the board better *wink*. But still I suck at snowboarding. How good can I be for the first time? Other than height, you got to know which side of board you gonna slide on, either right or left. I chose right. So you gotta slide your right leg first and then zig-zag your board to balance up yourself. You can always choose to slide horizontally. But I prefer vertical and zig-zag with my right leg first=) Correct me if I am wrong. Wearing the boots and standing up for sliding is a tough job, but after a few attempts I am sure you can handle it well. Like I did? NOPE. I am really suck at it. Heeeeeeee. My only advice is to, find a small hill for your first few attempts, else you might be stuck on top of the hill for hours. Like us! Wuahahahaha XD
And oh yeah other than snowboarding and skiing, you can choose tubing also! I wanna try this ! ! ! Hopefully by this week or next when the winter is still here. I guess tubing will be the easiest, even kids can play well. What you needa do is to sit on the tube and let the cable pull you up to the hill and slide down with your arse on the tube! Oh yeah, remember to scream a lil XD

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Frozen ~ Moscow River

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It's time to get something to blog on! I am reminding myself from time to time to NOT let my blog be stranded. I don't know where I should start or what I should blog about because so many things have been going on around me lately. Loads of outing, loads of thinking, loads and loads and loads of everything. I checked my picture folders and finally I decided to start blogging about my outing last month!

Moscow River for the frozen river =)
Nobody would go to Moscow River during winter. So far, I have only been to once or maybe twice and definitely it wasn't during winter. With the blardy blardy blardy low temperature -25C, we planned to go out for the sake of the temperature! We stood and sat on Moscow River, like I said before it is not a pond or some stagnant water, it is a damn flowing river! It was Kenny's idea. 4 of us followed him, or I shall say we agreed to go for his stupid idea BUT but but it was totally cool =)

Hes in my favorite picture =)Standing on the frozen river . . .
We took heaps of photos and like usual, with the presence of Kenny, our photos have to be a lil different or there must be something unusual that he had to do with. But we had a wonderful outing!

He didn't wanna wear his jackets,
god sake it was -25C =__=
Finally he UNDRESS himself.
He wanted to take off his pants also,
but haha we didn't wanna go crazee with him LOL =p
While walking to the river from metro, we walked through Cathedral of Christ the Savior - said to be the largest orthodox church in the world. Well, I guess only Russians are orthodox that is why they have the largest church in the world haha. Correct me if I am wrong LOL =p Aauwwww Look at the blue sky. Rarely you can see such a blue sky when the temperature is below -25C.
I shall say; this winter is the winter ~ I took most pictures of Moscow, most footsteps on snow and I am starting to like winter now. I am starting to miss snowing. I am starting to miss the natural cold weather.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I Shall Return

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I should start blogging again after such a long hiatus. New semester started 3 weeks ago. So far, had one exam last week. Now I am gonna be free for at least 5 weeks till my next exam-posting. I didn't transfer any pictures till yesterday since after the last time I said I wanna blog about my outing during winter break in Moscow. Hopefully soon again I'll return =)

I am going through some hard times planning the Europe trip ~ my mum and I for this summer after my graduation. I have no idea where 'should' I go or better said should my mum be happy with. I have only Holland in my mind now since I've never been to Holland before.

Perhaps I am wasting lots of money visiting the same cities again and again, but sometimes just can't help. I guess this time I might again visit Paris for the 2nd and London for the 4th time? Thinking of Edinburg. Brussels too? Or maybe Switzerland again ? ? ? Hedek.

I actually have so many places in mind that I wanna visit, so many of them, but like I said this time it would be more appropriate choosing countries for my mum than myself. If I knew this gonna happen today, I should have save all the countries at my right-side bar on this blog for this summer. Now that I regretted for not visiting (countries which are more exotic not for my mum like . . . ) Greece, Eygpt, Africa, Siberia and etc etc and I have NO chance for all these, at least for the next few years. How sad.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fashionholic, NOT Shopaholic

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Do not confuse.

Sometimes, you named yourself ; A SHOPAHOLIC
Because said you spend and enjoy buying all the time BUT unfortunately
It does NOT mean that you know fashion and
you are definitely NOT a fashionholic.

So, spend wisely. Lets value the quality but not quantity.

And pity is that, some people ARE fashionholic
BUT can't help because god is fair Haha!
He will either bless you millions with a BIG FAT BODY or
A SUPERB SEXY BODY with a few bucks. Hah!

Enough quote of the day XD

Monday, February 8, 2010

Finally ~

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Click Here.

Not gonna say more about the link Haha XD
Because previously I said too much and cursed too much LOL =p
Anyway, pray for the best and pray pray
and pray.
Government making a smart move =) NOW.
It's not confirmed BUT at least they proposed something better,
and most importantly the earlier proposal being rejected.
It is so true that when they said; prolonging the public service
will only produce more trainee but NOT doctors.

School reopen and classes started today.
Things moving alright.
Gonna have exam in 2 weeks time, end of posting.
19 weeks of posting ! Can't wait to end this semester. ( It just started =p)

Gonna blog when time allows XD
I am in good mood today! Heeee.

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