Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flying Without Wings

1 Anti-Kubi

Hope that you'll read me about my U.S trip in my new travel blogspot soon.

FCS : Take good care of Kubi-Room and gonna miss you all like crazeeeeeeee . . . You guys - my best memories in Moscow ! Take care and enjoy the last month!

Dee : So sorry darl! You gonna get my email very soon =p I can't believe I didn't tell you about my U.S trip. But you'll be the first to get all my freshest updates I promise!

Missing my family soooooooooooooooooooo

Take care everyone ! ! !

Friday, June 26, 2009

I Bite

2 Anti-Kubi
I have the right
Do not test me
Because I bite.

I have the right NOT letting you do what you wanna do
And sometimes you are not as smart as you thought.
So do not overdo.

Do not test my patient because I do not buy your egoism.
Haha. Get me. Or I bite.

Updated : Tomorrow gonna be my final paper. Unprepared but gotta finish whatever it has to finish. Pray hard.

Kubi & Danbo -__- VERY BORING ! ! ! & sLeePy

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


2 Anti-Kubi
I am not ready for exam,I am not ready for holiday.
I wanna go nowhere. Can I just sit here?

Mind being disturbed every single day
for some reasons God knows.

It is not work that kills, but worry.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Morning Dinner

1 Anti-Kubi
Pork Chop served with Pasta salad, Kubi-made.
Yummy Yummy, Delicious ! ! !
My dinner at 3am. As usual.
Kubi gotta drag her ass and start studying for her last paper!

Been saying this for the past few days -____-

Friday, June 19, 2009

Convertible Bunker Bed cum Sofa Set

6 Anti-Kubi
I was surfing convertible bed cum sofa set
and I found this superB cool piece!

Updated : I've deleted almost 12 blog-links from my favorite because
1) they stop blogging
2) I've lost interest reading their(your) blog.
Sorry, I just want my blog to look simpler XD

Beef Noodles for Danbo

2 Anti-Kubi
His Thursday breakfast simply delicious!

Icy Cold Water

0 Anti-Kubi
The ICY COLD WATER reminds me our good old times at Sg.Bil,
Picnic & Barbecue - our ALL TIME favorite activities =)
My mum can really cook GOOD food.

The stream of river simply captured by a lousy digi-cam of mine.
And this silly-big-fat-boy certainly being captured too.
Nah, now hes a big handsome boy ok.
Auuww . . .This picture you look retarded haha =p

I will NEVER complain if I had to deluge
inside this icy cold river,

but certainly the hostel needs hot water ! ! !

P.S : Goodness, I am still holidaying ever since the previous paper

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Steaming & Boating Inside The Room

2 Anti-Kubi

First time steamboat-ing in my life, ONLY TWO PERSON INSIDE THE ROOM. We used to steamboat frequently back in Malaysia, two of us in many different restaurants. But in Moscow, whenever there's a steamboat-season, it must be like more than 5 people or maybe up to 10 of us. I don't know why, maybe its just a trend haha =p

Surprisingly, 2 of us had steamboat inside the room, yeah only 2. And of course its a homemade steamboat.

A very tasty soup base from this very famous steamboat restaurant in Hong Kong,
"Little Fatty Lamb" or better known as "Siu Fei Yeong" in cantonese. Very tasty but really PRICEY. So this soup base I bought here in Moscow, apparently has the same brand (or name) as the restaurant. But doubtlessly, it is tasty.

We both went out for groceries at the nearby supermarket, thus we were not able to get any seafood for today's steamboat, sad thing.
But Kubi had a new creation today!

Delicious 'know. LOL.
Springy testing. Haha.
I'll definitely make this again!
I was expecting it to bounce like a ping-pong ball haha but
too bad, its still a meat ball =p

Oh yeah, we treated ourselves well enough after the previous paper.
Sometimes just gotta pamper ourselves more.
Tomorrow going out for a walk + lunch.
Longing for it. Before starting my revision for the last paper.

And OMG, NO HOT WATER in the whole hostel.
This is BAD.
HELP ! ! !

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


0 Anti-Kubi
1) Clean room, toilet & bathroom, kitchen (DONE)
2) Wash all the shoes on rack.
3) Wash & change bed sheet, comforter (DONE)
4) Wash all my babies and keep them well till next semester.
5) Go buy groceries (DONE)
6) A 2 person steamboat (STEAMING now...)
7) And call home!
8) Lastly, type a long long long email.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Over Exhausted

0 Anti-Kubi
Kubi is OVER OVER OVER exhausted.
Wish I can type thousands of OVER here hehe.
Good news is I'm done with my O & G state exam.
yippPPPeeeEEEEE ! ! !
One last paper to go-27th June. Plenty of time still keke.
And now I am really OVER exhausted.
Gonna sleeeeeep WITHOUT AN ALARM today ! ! !
Counting like, the 15 days KUBI NEVER SLEEP AT NIGHT.
OMG, scares you ? ? ?
Haha, but I sleep noon time, average 4 hours a day.
TODAY, I am NOT gonna study NO MATTER WHAT.
HOLIDAY for a day ! ! !

P.S : Danbo just bought a new tripod for his D60,
for our summer holiday in states.

Hes slowly "topping-up" his gadgets lol =p
And hes testing (camwhoring Ssshhhhhhhhhh ...)the camera inside the room

Saturday, June 13, 2009

People I Miss

1 Anti-Kubi
RANKING 1st, my baby-niece-ah-tun-Sydney Ooi.
Shes soon 3 years old. The cutest baby ever.
All the silly things she did at home.
My grandparents.
My beloved grandpa.

Missing my gurls.
My badminton coach. My training.
Missing the fruit farm back home.
The fruit seasons with family.
My silly brother in law. Hehe.
Danbo & his mum. I wonder if he misses his mum lol =pMy daddy. Best man in my life.
My family.
My favorite people.

My god parents & family.
MY long hair.Person I'll never stop missing. Dee my darling.
China was the best trip ever in my life.
5 years ago, we were only using digicam 2.0 MP haha.
Mind the quality of the pics!
Besides I took like 10 rolls of films OMG.
Dee's dad O_O and said that we took every single grass on ground.
My darlingssssssss.
I miss home. Missing all of them. BUT I am STUCKED here.
Gonna miss them for another year.
Not gonna see ANY of them for another year. Exp Danbo.
The positive side is, Kubi gonna meet them next year!!!

Exam stress is kicking me right now. Lack of time.
But like I said, stress hooked up with some laziness.
My family gonna have early father's day celebration tonight.
I miss them.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

One Eye Danbo

1 Anti-Kubi
Daaaaaa Taaaaaaaa Introduce you my baby Danbo
with his SINGLE EYE.

SSSShhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . .

"He didn't know that I uploaded this (ugly but cute) picture"

Right eye bandage is Kubi-made.
Not for medical purpose but hes having photophobia!
He requested me to close his eye with "something".
Ignore the sellotape hahahaha XD

Yeah, Danbo is having eye infection (or allergy) AGAIN.
The only reason I can think of is the POLLEN. Outside EVERYWHERE.
The other reason is contact lens.
But hes not using RENU solution, so
I guess this might not be the reason THIS TIME.

Yeah its not the first time hes having an eye infection,
like the 3rd time in 2 months?

Auwww... Poor baby. Get well soon.
Hes kinda stress with his-only-one-eye, because
needa study for his (Kubi too) state exam, exam on Monday.

OK. Back to study.


3 Anti-Kubi
What happen to my LEGS ? ? ?
I will only experience such a numbness and pain . . .
Normally after sport or rainy days.
Rainy Days??? Owwww... sound OLD.

The only ONE reason I can think of, is
10 days inside the room, on the chair, on the bed
only studying and surfing
NOT even walking out from my room or hostel

and Today walked for like 1km or so (went for exam) . . .

Came back 6 hours evening nap
My legs are painful now =(
Hate the feeling of numbness

Yipeeee ONE paper down, 2 more to go.
And today is a holiday for Kubi =)

P.S = Danbo is wearing sunglasses inside the dim-room.
Again hes having eyes infection!!!
AGAIN. Its like the 3rd time in 2 months ? ? ? LMAO

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mission Impossible

1 Anti-Kubi


Maybe tomorrow, maybe not for tomorrow
at the end still DEAD.
I have 2 more papers after tomorrow.
Yeah, tomorrow I am having Therapy exam.

Hate it soooooooo MUCH
I am sick BUT need to study.

Auwwww. . . A cute picture
What fear me the most, fear everyone THE MOST.
O and G paper.

This subject we studied for TWO years (ago) and also
because of this long period, we have forgotten almost
ALL of it.
Yet no time to revise?
Or just because Kubi never study after the cycle ends?

Shame that I've YET
to start studying it.
I have only 4.5 days for this paper.


P.S = I know some people might really love to question me how did I manage to pass through exam IF I am preparing them in a short time, like what I've said above, 4.5 days ( hmm you must be thinking I am LYING, for the sake of ? ? ? YOU! Haha) LOL. I am not a boastful girl, so I mean what I say. I am real to my BLOG XD Errrr . . . So don't stalk Kubi okay.

GOD. HEDEK ! ! !
Yeah for dinner.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kubi The Emperor

3 Anti-Kubi
Kubi empires at NIGHT. Sleep in the afternoon.
Emperor Chicken is boiling NOW 12:30am.
Dinner gonna be at 2am.
This might sound superB crazy to you,
but to me its just a normal thing to do.
To eat THIS late (early?).
Kubi is hungry. VERY.
And shes hedek and dizzy too.
Sore throat. Sore Neck.
Lack of time.
Everybody has angel and the demon side.
Demon : Kubi go SLEEP and chill.
Angel : Kubi has to STUDY.
Stress hooked up by some laziness.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Forest BBQ

11 Anti-Kubi
FOREST BBQ TOM 1 - 31st May 2009
Last Sunday, few of my group-56-mates joined FCs for BBQ!
Why is it called Forest BBQ ?
Because we are not allowed to BBQ at the park or near the lake,
thus we had to go DEEP inside (to the forest)
so that people won't spot us.
Why is it called as TOM 1 ?
Because FCs decided to BBQ ONCE more before my
summer break ( which is also before MY exam ends, I know this is crazy =p),
so TOM 2 is coming!
Why is it on 31st May 2009 ?
Last day of May + it was a BRIGHT SUNNY DAY =)
Why BBQ-day was a special day?
My fellows- Zibun, MesingGan and Pau are graduating
this Summer.
So most pictures uploaded here either Kubi or them =p
Kubi & Danbo have to make a 2-person-BBQ next year (-_-)
We gonna miss them like crazeeeeeee.

Part of our FOOD =)Kubi & Danbo starting the BBQ FEAST ! ! !The nicest picture of the day Kubi the satay-gurl =pMalaysian Satays serve with BEST satay sauce XD
Satays by Kubi, Sauce by Pau
Indonesian Satay
Pau the Char-siew gurl =p
Char-Siew & Shaslik Pork by MesingGanKubi & PauBBQ SquidBy Kubi - FAILED food =pKubi,Pau & Chicken Wings
Poser (Kupau took lotsa pics because its our last outing? =p)
No WAY (-_-)
Singlet Boy Zibun the cornman =pMesingGan & KubiZibun & KubiFJ + Zibun CUTE2 brothersMy Favorite Picture of the day 2 best buddiesCartoonie-PauKubi & Danbo
Kubi & Marsh-mallow ? ? ?Glow in DarkThere's a mirror DEEP inside the forest ? ? ?FCsThe VirgosFJ, Tryphena, MJ, Kubi & Danbo
(Sorry man,most of our pictures are either blurry or with eyes closed!!!
Blame Tryphena and Danbo!!!)
But better than nothing, I uploaded this ONE.
Kubi spent 2.5 hours on this post (-_-!!!) already . . .
Back to study

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