Sunday, January 25, 2009

First 2009

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This gonna be my first and short 2009 post. Exam done and my 5th year 2nd sem is officially over. Winter holiday started 2 days ago and Chinese New Year is around the corner too! Without vain, we celebrated our Reunion Dinner earlier today in a Chinese Restaurant, Moscow. A comfy VIP room with classy + cosy environment and set of karaoke equipment, plus delicious chinese cuisines with reasonable price.
The Food. . . Taaa Daaaaa ~ ~ ~
Menu :

  1. Fish Fire On Curry Oil ( ? ? ? )
  2. Lat Zhi Chicken
  3. Stir-Fry Ginger Mutton
  4. The "Squirel Fish"
  5. Garlic Spinach
  6. A Missing Pork

US, The Chineses
The food are yummy, too bad there are no English songs available tonight, due to some technical problem, but still we still enjoyed ourselves, I do enjoy singing with "all-in-shit" chinese song too.

But I am sure everyone is missing home badly no matter how much they enjoyed their dinner. Feeling being home million times better than having a reunion dinner in Moscow (no matter how great it is). This year, my 5th year not celebrating CNY home. I am missing home so much, espeacially this year, during this season. CNY is just simply an ordinary day when you are not home, at least I felt that way.

My wish of CNY 2009 : Hoping everyone home esp the old ones getting healthier and healthier + myself improving life.

On 26th Jan, am leaving for trip. So, I must chin up! And I can't wait to call home tomorrow!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Invisible Post

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I wanna blog, I wanna blog, I wanna blog.

Exam is not the reason!

Laziness + NO photos for updates LOL. I wanna go sakai SV for photos.


Dee Dee Dee, You know what I wanna say!

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