Tuesday, April 28, 2009


4 Anti-Kubi
Kubi Moody. Miss-Mode. I am missing everything.

Missing home badly, my parents. Never realize that we never webcam for more than 7 months. Never see their lovely faces for such a long time. Hardly talk to them on phone this month due to busy schedules. And I doubt if I can survive for another 14 months for not going home.

OMG 14 MONTHS. Not days. Not weeks. MONTHS.

Turned down so many activities surrounding me, missing my BFs as well and ma DIM SUM gurl.

Missing Kubibloggy.
But again ; Its just that everyday is not a blogging-day.

Coughing my lung off. My diaphragm dropping. Abdominal pain. Insomnia.

Thursday My Exam.

The only good thing I see is finally SPRING ! ! ! GREEN.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


0 Anti-Kubi
When I read back my latest post, I felt really bad leaving my blog so dreaded. Most of you might think that I am sad UNTIL NOW thus I never blog haha! The sadness last for only ONE DAY (ok la, actually 2 days =p).

Over and everyday is a new day =)
Its just that everyday is not a blogging-day =p

I am having a really busy week thats why I never blog. And the main reason is because my middle finger on my right hand injured last week when I was cooking and because I use only THAT finger to type on my keyboard thus no entry. And now I am using my index finger to type. SLOW. WEIRD.
But better than leaving my blog so BLUE.

I have lotsa updates haha! About the 60's party held last week, about the dimsum night, about my new pet Pupu Fish, and about my new toy!
Coming soon . . . Tomorrow hopefully!

Oh by the way, I am having ENT cycle now and next Thursday will be the exam. If you still remember April month = an exam month for me. Can't wait to end this month and start May! Holidays nearer, USA sooner, final year draws nearer XD

I shall continue studying.

Updated : Again I am sick, 4th times March-April. Sick of it. Sore throat, FECKING BAD flu and HELL cough. I BARK like a dog. If you come to me now with TB, pneumonia or whateva diseases, yeah you got it, I will get superinfected "freaking easily"! (Ouuwww, this freaking easily reminds me of MDG Pinky : "I tend to laugh very freaking easily").

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sad Day

Saddest day of the month.

Maybe its too early to say that today-the saddest because possibly I might experience a sadder-day than today.

Everything just went wrong. I don't know why and I don't understand why. Perfectly-understood that things here in Russia might even worst than what I've experienced or what I've been going through. Everybody knew it. But when it strikes you, your luck just gone, JUST LIKE THAT.
And leave me dry and dreaded.

Anyone might just come and tell me ; gurl its no big thing, no big issue and some of them might even say I am the one who create self-sadness because I've been expecting more (while I am working less). When people see, they might think you are perfect ~ but things are always harder at one side and only you yourself hiding it.

I am hiding it all by myself. I know that I MUST stop expecting IT. Because my initial intention had nothing to do with this, but you know when things just go the way you want all these years, you might start to think that YOU WANT IT. I WANT IT.
I am digging a hole for myself to step into it. How silly. But I always have difficulties in controlling my mind. To be exact, my emotion and needs.

OK. Conclusion, I have low EQ.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Lazy Saturday

1 Anti-Kubi
Ленивая Cуббота
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 3 resting days with no exams. Including Thursday night, actually Kubi has 4 studying-days for her next week's exam. Yeah each day a paper. But I have only started bit by now, its alr Saturday night.

Sleeping kills ! ! !

FCs Fckers baru came to STORM Kubi-room ! ! !
I shooed them back of course la la la.

ZEE VOON marah me because of the BBQ Pork =p

He marah me I kiss him bit then won't marah dy beb? ? ?

OK la, gonna sayang him for the next few weeks.


Other than studying, I made BBQ pork (char siew) and crispy roasted pork (siu yoke) for dinner today. The half-pork left inside my fridge for the past 3 weeks finally gone for good! The outcome - only below average.

BBQ pork was slight-perfectly nice I think, but the crispy roasted pork - not as pretty as hers. Keke =p

I am drinking lots of green tea now ~ I feel FAT.


And I made some egg tarts + soya bean drink last weekend.

OK. Kubi needa study !

Thursday, April 9, 2009


6 Anti-Kubi
CSI - I never watch.

Oh Did I mention my first-April-paper is Forensic Science? I did not.

Did you guys study this subject in your medical course ? Included as well ?

Doubt. Wondering. Russian Language again me sucks.

Gun shot wound ~ Ma topic for tomorrow's exam


Updated 09/04 5:00 pm : Kubi was de-luck. Luck no more - ran away from Kubi. Sob.
Plaksin vs Mcd. Plaksin vs Bah Kut Teh.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


0 Anti-Kubi
My first-exam-cycle has just started TODAY (FIMA) and thus Kubi gonna have a hard time studying + leaving the blogsphere for the next few weeks. This cycle requires me to study everyday and go for exam everyday. EVERYDAY. Until the end of the cycle which is 2 weeks after, I will get my exam grade from the average marks of everyday's paper. And after these 2 fecking week, I will be having another exam which requires me to sit the final at the end of the cycle, which is 2 weeks after. 2 weeks + 2 weeks = 4 weeks.
So so so the end my April . . .

But I will still blog once a while, especially when my brain gets de-function.

These 2-April-Papers are NOT the END YET. I will still have 3 more papers to sit end of the semester BUT BUT BUT time being, lets get rid of these 2 FIRST !


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