Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cameron Holiday

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My first time visiting Cameron~ The journey from my hometown is a little bit too far. Boring Journey, Bad weather, and Long Driving! But enjoying trip. 3 days 2 nights at Heritage Hotel, spent most of the time with my mum and my aunties including Goku's family. I don't really remember when was my last time having BIG trip with family members, I guess it was 2001. 7 years ago to Langkawi and Hatyai.

And because my dad wasn't at Cameron with us, I do feel incomplete trip. Every morning Tea Farm, Strawberry Farm, Cactus Farm, Bee Farm and basically Cameron is all about farm. Well, I shall say it is a real relaxing place for holiday, hassle free and free pollution BUT I were to die if I am posted at Cameron or I have to stay there permanently. And in fact, 3 days is already more than enough and 5 days will be dead from boresome. Lol!

Driving up all the down and up to Penang before ending the trip. I guess everyone enjoyed it!

~Best Scones & Tea In Town~


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