Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Curly-Girl

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I Miss My Long Hair
I Miss Her

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Louise In Moscow

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Her second time in Moscow for business purposes and I guess it will be the last one as well because she might be changing job soon. This time her visit is around September and this is the best month haha for me~ Because she is able to carry extra 20kg stuff for me from Malaysia all the way to Moscow. A big thank to her. She stayed in Moscow for 7 days and 6 nights but I was only able to go out with her for 2 nights and only for dinner, all blame to classes and postings. She never like moscow she said but I was surprised she is starting to like it soon after her 2nd trip and she starts to like Russians too! Haha~Is that not a joke? All thanks to Pancho Villa, the place we had our dinner. The best restaurant I had so far in Moscow and its my second time eating there, with nice interior, tasty Mexican Food, perfect environment and really a must place to go!

Sweety Pie Loiuse
Best Nachos In Town~!
With Seafood Fajitas & Grilled Meats~ The Mexicano Cuisine
At last, our first shot lol~ Louise & ChiroBie
Everyone agrees Moscow has a really high living expenses, staying for 6 nights in Moscow in a "better-look" hotel cost her like Rub12k per night and her total accomodation needs like USD2k after all the discounts. In Golden-Apple Hotel located centrally, a nice interior hotel. Compared to Hotel Bagrad lol??? Hehe XD
Our second dinner at GinoTaki~ The best sushi restaurant in Moscow too!

So, after all the wonderful dinner she spent us, we brought her to Moscow Night Tour. We spent whole night together and reached home around 2am. This is the ONLY night I went out as late as 2am in 4.5 years staying in Moscow excluding the one time I went clubbing with friends to celebrate a friend's Bday, that was like the only one time 3 years ago haha! ~ And now I realized Moscow has a pretty nice night view!
Louise is on her way to Ukraine, Spain, Sweden, Germany,Italy and some other European Countries -----> The States!
All The Best Babeee XD

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